What Are the Top 5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

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    Dec 11, 2012
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Planning your wedding day is an intensive multiple months-long project. This project is filled with choices, deadlines, anxieties and often most importantly budgetary issues. But the successful project completion is a wonderful day that will be remembered by everyone in attendance.

One of the most important elements for in your wedding day is capturing the memories of the day in photographs. This is an element where your choice of the right wedding photographer is crucial. In many ways, after the years melt away and the kids start growing most, married couples really only have their wedding day photos to reflect back on. So you want to make sure that this part of the wedding goes right.

But how can inexperienced brides and grooms make the right choices when it comes to excellent and affordable wedding photography? Here’s a list of the top 5 areas to consider when choosing a wedding photographer.

Ask the right questions

This may seem beyond basic, but it’s important not to be awed by cool photos and forget to ask the right questions. After that you have narrowed down your list of potential local wedding photographers, here are some questions to definitely ask to further narrow down your shortlist:

- Is our wedding date available?

- What recent weddings have you shot?

- Are you familiar with our style of wedding?

- How long have you been in business?

- Can I check some references?

Know your budget

Know how much all the parts of your wedding will cost. Remember, photography is only one part of the entire budget, but it’s a necessary one. Having a single price point for a photography package, like the one offered by Eyeshot Photography, helps to lessen the stress of wedding planning. It lays out the price points and gives brides and grooms a professional wedding photographer that best meets their needs and personalities, at an affordable price point.

Check the portfolio

Definitely look over the wedding photographer’s past work. And not from 3-4 years ago either. Check his or her local work. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding reception in warm spring weather, look for particular photos for the type of event. Has the photographer shot outdoor locations? It’s important that your wedding photographer have experience in shooting the types of pictures you desire, because your photos will be ever-lasting memories of your wedding day.

Check the equipment

Ask your photographer about the type of photography equipment generally used at weddings. Does she use large camera, with zoom lenses? Or small digital cameras? What type of flashes, accessories and light meters are required for this type of wedding?

Some brides and grooms want their photographer to be as inobtrusive as possible, so the photographer who works with minimal equipment may be a desirable option.

Check the packages

Some photographers offer a range of packages that tend to confuse and overshoot the needs of most bridges and grooms. Know what you want before choosing a photo package. Do you want hard copies? If so, how many sets will you need? Do you also want a digital album of the wedding pictures for downloading by all those invited? Do you want custom books available as keepsakes for family members? It’s important to know what you want in order to see what the photographer can offer.

Knowing these five steps in assessing the needs of a wedding photographer will help you to get the absolute best photography on your most magical day.

Article Source: Eyeshot Photography

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Article Source: Eyeshot Photography

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