Comparing Guest Ranch and Dude Ranch

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    Mar 13, 2013
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Comparing Guest Ranch and Dude Ranch Photo by Ketsiya Claret

For those who are trying to understand what a holiday at a dude ranch entails, here is some basic information. Basically a dude ranch holiday gives you the chance to live a western cowboy kind of life. It includes camping around fires, traditionally cooked meals, days out under the sun and of course, horseback riding. If you are planning to holiday at a ranch, then it is worthwhile getting more information on this topic as there are two kinds of ranches, a dude ranch and a guest ranch and both these ranches offer something different.

What does a dude ranch refer to?

A Dude ranch vacation is one you must plan only if you have a week or more to spare. At least a week of ranching activities like riding, fishing, rodeo trips, and family-style meals will be a part of a dude ranch vacation.

What does a guest ranch refer to?

A guest ranch is quite different from the dude ranch. Here, you should not necessarily be spending your time on such activities like horseback riding and rodeo trips. Guest ranches cost you more and are for the ones who want to be a little extravagant on vacations and who are not looking to imitate a rancher’s lifestyle. Needless to say, a dude rancher looks down on a guest rancher.

Living conditions at both ranches

The lodging in both guest ranches and dude ranches are going to be comfy. Keep in mind that you don’t need to be an expert in riding in order to be a part of a dude ranch or guest ranch. While the guest ranch does not require you to take up horseback riding, dude ranches will have trained professionals to give riding lessons to inexperienced riders.

Such ranches trace its origins to hundreds of years ago when ranchers offered food and accommodation to travelers who were passing by. Slowly, it became okay for the ranchers to take some money from the travelers for the food and lodging provided until finally in the 1920’s guest ranches started getting recognition as popular vacation ideas. The best dude and guest ranches happen to be in the Paradise and Gallatin Valleys in Montana. Some other popular ranches are at the Sheridan area and the Wapiti Valley in Wyoming.

With the wide range of ranches that are available today, it is becoming difficult to choose the right ranch for you. Some of the tips you can follow when you choose ranch vacations are as follows.

- You must take care to choose a ranch according to your size preferences.
- It is always best that you choose a ranch that is affiliated with a highly regarded ranchers association. Such ranches will take care to meet all standards, thus ensuring a nice ranch vacation.
- Find pictures and descriptions of the ranches you are considering. With the internet, this is easily accomplished. This will give you information on pricing and other expense details for your ranch vacation.

These are some of the best points you can consider to narrow down your choices for selecting a good dude or ranch vacation. Make the best choice and have a nice ranching experience.

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