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    Apr 08, 2013
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INovak Djoker-vic Photo by Ram Kausik

Tennis ace Novak Djokovic is famous for three things. Firstly, he is known for his amazing and stellar performance on court that has earned him a world number one ranking as of 14 January 2013. Secondly, he is quite well known for his rivalry with Roger Federer, Raphael BADAL AND Andy Murray, of which his competition with Nadal is beyond legendary and explosive. Last but not the least, he is known for his quirky sense of humor and his crazy, hilarious antics on the court.

We can all agree Novak Djokovic is a hoot and a half. There is nothing a crowd loves better that an entertainer of a sports player- those that play a good game, giving the people what they came for, and a little extra dose of show man ship to keep them hooked. Some prefer to call it a blatant display of arrogance while others are more acceptable to the new fad of victory dance sweeping the sports realm.          

Quite recently Djokovic had busted a move to the tunes of the Korean pop sensation’s iconic song “Gangnam style” right there on the court during the Kids Tennis Day in Australian Open 2013. Previously he had tried a botched attempt at the same with Ana Ivanovic who all but buried herself in embarrassment. He is nick named aptly as the ‘Djoker’ due to his silly and goofy behavior. He is the king of impersonations. He has been known to do quite a number on his rivals- Rafael, Nadal as well as female counterparts such as Maria Sharapova. He wore a blond wig when he was doing the latter and the bit was so hilarious that the Raquet Company, that both the players endorse, turned it into web commercials. The best impersonation that he has done to date is the John McEnroe bit that he conjured on the spot for the audience at the Flushing Meadows in 2009. His pranks are notorious as well. Some of his little jokes have turned on him as well with the affected players targeting him for pranks of their own.

Then again, it takes a lot of gumption to put up such a farce; especially since everyone will not take it the way it was intended. Novak Djokovic profile as a joker might be well accepted but certain actions can get lost in translation and be mistaken for arrogance and ignominy.

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