MRO data Cleansing Is A Must for Effective Master Data Management

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    Nov 10, 2013
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Controlling IT Costs; Enterprise Architecture (EA) strategy, a shared lexicon, and enforced change
Controlling IT Costs; Enterprise Architecture (EA) strategy, a shared lexicon, and enforced change
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Urbanization and globalization are two sides of the same coin. For every business, expansion and progress are the main objective. Companies consider growth to be the required avenue towards profits, customers, revenue, goodwill, and a sign of a successful business. But, what they fail to realize, is the growing number of responsibilities that come with growth. The race for progress and competition has added to business woes in such a large way, that firms are now finding it very difficult to cope. There is a considerable rise in the amount of efforts required to maintain data consistency and efficiency, without comparable increase in the budget set for material master data management. And with more and more operational sites springing up every now and then, manufacturing units are faced with the issue of compiling and processing large quantities of data that comes with increase in the number of maintenance, repairs and operations (MRO) activities. These elements are required to keep business operations up and running smoothly.

With increase in work pressure, employees are bound to incorporate data into the item master, without any specific strategy or consideration for quality. This will result in duplicate data, inaccurate part searches, inventory overload, increased purchase patterns, equipment downtime and reduced EAM efficiency. Such drawbacks will affect the company's overall functioning in the long run, as the available MRO data will not prove to be fruitful. To effectively deal with such a situation, or prevent it completely, a data cleansing and data governance process must be implemented into the master data management initiative. The perfect data cleansing process will work to create a single common catalogue across the entire business, as well as its MRO components.

The data cleansing software will identify all the ineffective data records that require manual deletion, and will also remove any duplicated records. This will improve decision making, and also result in overall master data quality improvement. The data generated will always be clear and accurate. Such concise data will be easier to maintain, supervise and extract on a regular basis. Other benefits include consistency in address records for enhanced response rates, reduced errors, improved standardization, reliable information and excellent cost saving.

Data cleansing is a simple, result-oriented process. However, the process is incomplete without a compatible set of people, software tools and appropriate methods. While certain businesses make use of automated software to reduce time and energy wastage, there is no such data software that works all by itself. Human intervention is a must in every data cleansing project. It improves the accuracy of the overall results, thanks to a personal touch rendered by the subject matter experts. When an automated master data management software works in co-ordination with cleansing specialists, the end results are always above expectations.

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