Video Wall Systems The Changes over Time

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    Jul 15, 2014
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Video Wall Systems The Changes over Time Photo by Poly Wall

You cannot help but notice the fact that modern technology is a formidable and enabling force at the same time. While on one hand it helps people in fashioning a lifestyle that is much more secure and safe that what it could possibly be imagined a few decades back. At the same time, it has all the potential to allow the miscreants and trouble makers in achieving the devious objectives in a better and more convenient manner. You hear about some or the other new incident almost every day where new and more innovative means were developed by the use of modern technology to, say rob a bank or gain unauthorised access to a building or information. Security is of paramount importance here and we cannot take any chances with bad quality or obsolete devices that do not serve their purpose of keeping us safe.

Most security organizations have switched over to using video wall systems for keeping a close and watch full eye on the comings and goings inside any building or structure. Security cameras installed across many strategic points inside and around a building provide live video feed to guards who then monitor the proceedings and scan for any unusual activity. These operations take place inside high tech security control rooms which act as the headquarters for the entire security operations. This is the room where all the Intel is collected, processed, sorted and utilised from the building. You can therefore understand why nothing short of the best video wall solutions should be installed in these rooms to ensure maximum security of the building and its inhabitants.

When you look at the display technology that was in use for these purposes as early as ten years back, you will find it to be laughably primitive. Those were the times when security personnel had to literally glue their eyes onto display monitors that were only a few inches in size. The images were shaky, the resolution bad and the monitor so small that it made it extremely stressful for the guard to keep a close eye on things. This, therefore resulted in security lapses, situations going unnoticed and bad judgement calls at the end of the guard. Most often he wasn’t able to recognise the situation. When, by chance, problem-in-progress was spotted, the image quality was so bad that making accurate assumptions about it and consequently making right decisions in regards to stopping the issue was just impossible.

But modern day video wall control systems have changed things drastically. Security control rooms look a lot like NASA mission control headquarters these days with heavy duty equipment available at the disposal of the security personnel for whenever they need it. Giant screens display the images captured by security cameras in the order of priority set the personnel. Image resolutions are so high that every single detail of the incident is clearly visible, making it easy to take the right preventive measures in time. Overall, these security systems have come a long way in making our everyday life more secure. Visit to know more.

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