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    Nov 06, 2012
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A computer network is usually comprised of client workstation, a server, an operating system, a cabling and a network interface card. The network interface card, also referred to as expansion board, allows the computer to be connected to a network of computers. The network interface card contains the communication circuits that allow the computer to share and transmit information on a network. Usually, servers require specific types of operating systems, although the larger servers are usually compatible with majority of operating systems. A reputable company like Lancaster PA computer services can provide helpful tips and guidance.

Due to technological advances, setting up a computer network at home or in the office is much easier than it used to be. With self-configuring switches and computer operating systems, almost anybody can set up a small computer network. All it takes is time and planning, and of course following some instructions, and especially with the assistance of Lancaster PA computer services. The scope and size of the computer network will depend on the environment and available budget. If you are considering building a computer network be sure you do your homework before you start to build your network.

The first step is to decide what type of network you want to build. You can choose to set up a wireless or wired. You will need to consider your budget and security before you begin building your network. If high security is important to you, then choose a wired network. If security is not your top priority, but budget is a major issue, then go with a wireless network.

Obtain the necessary equipment based on the type of network you want to set up. If you decide to install a wireless network, you'll need some wireless access points. If you choose to install a wired network comprising of more than 15 to 20 devices, you'll need the services of a professional or consultant such as Lancaster PA computer services to provide you with wiring and installation service. Whether you decide to use wired or wireless network you will need to sign up with an Internet Service Provider to provide Internet connection.

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