Why Companies Need to Customize Their WordPress Theme

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    Jan 03, 2014
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Why Companies Need to Customize Their WordPress Theme Photo by Jason Roiz

Different businesses target different audiences. It’s not necessary that a website theme which appears enticing to a specific individual turns to be equally appealing for a different community of visitors. The growing popularity of WordPress powered websites has led into a sudden increase in the population of entrepreneurs who’ve switched to WordPress. Whether you own a personal WordPress blogging site or a WordPress powered corporate site; choosing the right theme is very important. Through this article, I’ll be elaborating on why customizing WordPress themes has become a major concern among big and small companies.

What options are available under Custom WordPress theme development?

If you feel your existing WordPress site’s theme isn’t working in your favor, you can always opt for custom WordPress theme development services. It’s important for you to stay abreast with all the options that are available with WordPress theme customization. Here’s a list of options you can choose from:

  • Building a WordPress theme from scratch
  • Editing/modifying an existing WordPress theme
  • Building a child theme to modify the existing root WordPress theme
  • Building your own parent WordPress theme and respective child themes
  • Using a theme customization tool to tweak an already existing WordPress parent theme
  • Choosing a theme framework

What makes theme customization an important concern among corporate professionals?

There are some very genuine reasons behind the growing urge for customizing WordPress themes. Below, I’ve mentioned some of the most popular ones:

To reach a larger audience

A majority of entrepreneurs choose to modify their WordPress theme to reach a wider audience. These professionals believe that an appealing and user-friendly web theme will aid them in gathering the attention of maximum customers residing all over the world.

To stand out from the crowd

Creating a niche among your business competitors is a challenging job. Theme plays a crucial role in deciding the success or failure of a website. By customizing your WordPress theme you can ensure higher search engine ranking of your site and in a way higher ROI (Return on Investment). By incorporating innovative features into your site, you can easily make it stand out from the crowd.

To reach maximum mobile users

If you’re an enterprise owner then you must be well familiar with the importance of making a website mobile-compatible. Yes, modifying your site’s theme enables you to reach a large population of customers who choose to access your official website via their smartphones, iPads and notebooks.

To keep up with the changing web design trends

Unlike the majority of entrepreneurs who modify their site’s theme just to gather audience, many professionals opt for customizing their WordPress theme simply to walk with the ever-changing web design trends. They don’t want to be left behind when it comes to owning a website built with the latest theme/template.


I’m sure after reading about the importance of WordPress theme customization, you too would’ve made up your mind for modifying your existing theme. So, get started with it and opt for building a theme that’s unique and well competent in raising many eyebrows.

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