Custom Application Fundamentals By John Pereless

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    Jul 28, 2014
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Custom Application Fundamentals By John Pereless Photo by John Pereless

Custom Software Development is a professional terminology for information technology industries or personal specializing in implementing on demand software for accomplishment of specific set of tasks for customers and applications. The final deliverable product is not usually a all purpose i.e. of general use in the conventional sense of being marketed and sold to a general group of people or say targeted audience. Rather, it is developed and delivered on an order basis to a specific buyer or organization etc and often cannot be sold or else provided to other users as it is a copyright for the user who requested originally also it needs to be further customization to fulfill the next buyers needs etc with a fresh set of requirement.

Custom software pr tailored application is supposed to offer specialized and/or special user interfaces/intermedia connections, workflow, and system that provide the end user with further advantages and outcome value than off-the-shelf (built in for all) applications offer.

Custom software development providers offer assistant  on current scenario for fast changing enterprise/business solution providers on their business requirements to keep harmony with the rapidly changing market business niche environment with the help of advanced upgraded system approach and error free functional management. Most custom software providers can implement technical documentation for software, help with implementation of software to development, etc.

Why we need Custom Made Applications or Software:

We are living in the computer age where we need everything done on a fraction of second and for that we do effort to keep people happy with our business. As a customer & end user, we look forward for better & fast services. And it is possible through high technology outcomes. In order to deliver that, we need some applications which can manage and handle our extra labor. Here comes custom software or application development services in focus.

Types of Custom Software Applications:

(1) Word Processing Application Software

If you have a publishing place or a workshop where you need to manage so many files or documents, WP application is dedicated to you.

(2) Database Management Software

Executing DB operations effectively & efficiently is vital for any business tier and the most essential task to keep track on record. Database Software helps in maintaining the log for the financial as well as informational data. DB software is integrated and linked with the current front as well as back-end of the system or custom applications. 

(3) Multimedia Software

No doubt, you need multimedia on your system for playing games, audio or video playback etc thus they are known to be multi-media software.

(4) Presentation Software

As the name itself indicates that being in a business, it requires a lot of information and details to be communicated with outer world and at the same time it’s presented to clients, stakeholders and partners etc.This sort of task is done by presentation software and there are so many built in tools available to get this done professionally. Prototypes, Wireframes, Virtual model, layouts etc are being discussed in a company’s presentation.

(5) Spreadsheet Software

When records are greater in numbers then you need spreadsheet software to perform calculations and maintain the same in a tabular form. Excel and Lotus 1 2 3 are the best known spreadsheet applications that would help in achieving desired goal for you.

(6) Simulation Software

As the name itself pointing that these are the customized software developed to achieve some sort of research & development purpose and for observing the outcomes.

(7) Educational Software

Educational Software is focused on teaching and self-learning. A few existing Edu niche like Matlab, Encarta, Google Earth and NASA World Wind are some of the top names in this category. Some educational institutions uses it for executing some departmental exercises too.

(8) Enterprise Resource Management Software

This is the most wide and important form of custom application development because there are so many companies are working for the in-house as well as for global clients in delivering these applications. If you want to manage an organizational Data Flow, an Enterprise Software is a must for you. It doesn’t matter you come from a large business or a small business, its a basic need for all of them, dependency on the entities and the level of control you want to command over such operations. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and FMS (Financial Management System) are important Enterprise Software these days.



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