Mobile Application Development And Things To Be Taken Care By John Pereless

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    Jul 22, 2014
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Mobile Application Development And Things To Be Taken Care By John Pereless Photo by John Pereless

Let us first find the reason why it is required to build mobile apps and what are these? Basically this world is changing rapidly and we’ve seen a high end demand on portability of the devices. When we talk about application development, the first thought appears with its usability or purpose behind the development and hence this comes with a solution for addressing some problems. We are well familiar with software era and various sort of software development fundamentals. We are now living in the age of mobile or can say smart phones where a person wants everything accessible with his presence.

The modern age of mobile apps is delivering what a person looks after for. Mobile apps are application software, built to deliver some solutions on handheld devices, like personal digital assistants [PDAs], enterprise [commercial] digital assistants or mobile phones..

This world is going mobile & is roaming around the real space i.e. virtual air space, it would be hard to discuss otherwise with more than three hundred millions smartphones, tablets etc already been sold worldwide. This mobile revolution & evolution introduces noticeable changes to the form factor of software solutions that tailored carefully vetting before to initiating the development of a mobile solution.

In a nutshell and as a whole, mobile users normally pay more focus to the user experience, satisfaction and innovation, Also when they have a choice they like a native i.e. local look and feel be it & fit for their email, social networking, checking weather, sport events etc even Google is working and building native apps thoroughly. Moreover, developers can produce a native experience in the browser & thanks to the progress made by various built in SDKs.

If these technological modifications can already make an impact, a mobile solution delivery process, the most versed architectural change introduced by mobility and portability is the evolution from concerned & connected apps to focused applications where VoIP, texting, chatting, location services, data enhancement and services and media may all deliver to offer an experience simply unavailable to a desktop or a Web based application. In early of 2000s, in the rise of SOA, SOAP, many companies had developed the concept of distributed & composite applications [grouped by features] or Connected Systems. Mobile apps advanced and have added this concept additionally to reach it at the next level and enable an ordinary app to consume a mixed of n number of voice, messaging i.e. texting,data add on, geography i.e. location and video services maintained by various 3rd parties which each may have a direct connection with the end user, & totally independent of the application. Focused Apps created solid privacy restrictions (as the app is accessed in granting access to do some actions on contacts, location recognition, movies and clipping, TV programs, commercials etc ). OAuth 2.0 standards have indulged to support these segments. It requires the developer to maintain individual Application programming interfaces keys and (user) access tokens for each type of services. Also developers can no longer depend on a single login option & thats why access modes such as OpenID or LiveID are delivered to this world as they share the identity of the subscriber or commenter with the application and do not provide any authorization capability which is high time demand.

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