Android Apps and its Repercussions on the Telecom Industry

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    Sep 25, 2012
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The telecom industry has finally reached a consensus on how to manage and come to terms with the global shocks that have threatened it. Firstly was the global economic downturn that adversely affected the performance of the operators in the market all over the world and secondly was the disruption that was caused by mass digitization. Growth in this industry naturally slowed down thereby reducing the valuations of the Telecom operators large and small. This made the operators focus on cutting costs and increase their operational efficiency by taking the advantage of the latest android application development.

How has the telecom industry changed with the use of android applications?

The integrated technology and numerous android apps developments that includes critical applications and service platforms are growing modular and open. This has made the Telecom ecosystem much more competitive and telecommunication service providers are looking for latest means to satisfy both customer expectations and technological openness. There are various companies that are working on evolving technologies to serve the telecommunication industry that range from traditional land based technologies to latest android software development.

There are several android apps that serve the purpose of provisioning, network management, billing and others so that Telecom industries can provide end to end product engineering, customization, implementation, integration and technical support services. Telecom service providers have introduced such development of android based applications to enhance competitiveness and strengthen the capability of their clients through expertise in Business support services and maintenance. Such applications have enabled the providers to minimize their expenditure, enhance mobility, proffer superior customer service and accelerate the generation of ROI.

Android applications have made it easy to access and analyse reports, service requests via on screen customer portals thereby offering scalability and resilience. It has enabled to streamline the process that has helped the clients to free their network and this has improved customer network performance. Customized android apps have enabled the Telecom service providers to quickly resolve any networking issues before their services suffer. Telecom operators can also offer low cost international calls through android based apps and at times they are also free. Such useful applications can help them to maintain customer loyalty and maintain a strong relationship with the customers.

Latest android application development has helped to improve the efficiency of the operators while making the order and service management much easier at much reduced cost. For example, conference facility and chat room have made life easier. Android apps have become an integral part of the mobile device and the latest development in interfaces and tools have made the Telecom industry more likeable.

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