Importance of a Mobile Employee Referral Program

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    Jul 18, 2014
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Importance of a Mobile Employee Referral Program Photo by Savio Vadakkan

An employee referral program is the need of the hour to attract quality employees is a given in the current scenario. The challenge now faced by recruiting professionals is to optimize it & make it effective. A strong factor that can increase the efficacy of the Employee referral program is making the program mobile friendly. This assumes even greater meaning in the light of the data that mobile workers are increasing exponentially. A study puts the figure at 1.3 billion by 2015. The only way to tap this large populace is through the use of mobile telephony that brings the power of employee referrals to employee fingertips. A mobile employee referral portal or a mobile career site can go a long way in including a number of remote workers under the ambit of the Referral Program

The importance of lending the Employee Referral program to mobile usage primarily stems from:

• Ease of referral- The ability to access job opening & make referrals anytime and from any location is bound to give the program a tangible advantage. The less cumbersome the referring process is, the more the probability of the program to be effectively used by employees

• Quality of the referrals - The ease of referralsare also known to have an impact on the quality. Not without reason. Picture this - If an employee happens to meet a candidate at a social or professional event who he thinks makes the cut for an open position and if the referral process enables him to immediately make a referral, the chances that the employee will do so is far higher, than if he has to remember to go back to work & make the referral by going through reams of web pages.

• Competitive Advantage- With most Organizations fighting the war for talent from within a limited pool, an Employee Referral Program which enables ease of use, is also likely to bring in a competitive advantage for the organization.

• Expanding the scope of the program- A program that lends itself to easy use also holds within itself the capability of expansion of the scope beyond employees to other business constituents, namely ex-employees, vendors or even clients.

In addition to mobile recruiting, it is imperative that the referrals are supported on social networking sites such as Facebook mobile. Since a large percentage of the use of such social networking sites is on the move and a number of job opportunities are shared on these sites, mobile is a good source of job related information.

However, it is ironical that despite these advantages, of the Fortune 500 Companies, only 20% are mobile optimized from the recruiting standpoint. Clearly Mobile Employee Referral programs are no longer a fancy addendum but an integral part of recruiting success.

Zalp is the only employee referral tool that gives employees seven easy and different ways to make a referral which drastically helps to increase employee participation. With Zalp organizations can now take their referral programs mobile and enable employees to refer on the go.

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