The Smart Phones Operating System is its Most Important Feature

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    Nov 22, 2012
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A Smart Phone is a mobile phone with more advanced features, due to a built-in operating system. These days the two major operating systems for these phones are Apple’s iOS and the Google owned Android. BlackBerry is also quite popular, while many others are not household names and not readily recognized by the average person. When it comes time to choose a Smart Phone, it’s essential you do your research on these operating systems, in order to ensure that you’re not going to spend the next two years regretting your purchase.

Each operating system is different, unique and special in its own way. All have something to offer, but each has its flaw too. iOS 6 is the most recent mobile operating system from Apple. If you have an iPhone, this is the operating system your device runs on. Smart Phones operating iOS 6 are very popular. These devices are sharp looking and quite fast. Most would agree the con to owning this device is the Maps program. Apple Maps has been widely criticized since its release.  

Android users have many more Smart Phone options. Google does not limit its operating system to Google-only products. Instead, they allow all mobile phone manufacturers the option to purchase and install Android onto their Smart Phones. This gives the consumer many options and price ranges to choose from. Android has perfected its marketplace, streamlining many apps and making it incredibly easy to download and install said apps. The only drawback is that it’s quite difficult to sync between one’s computer and their Android phone.

BlackBerry is the third major operating system. BlackBerry makes quite a few Smart Phones, so there are a lot of choices for people considering this operating system. BlackBerry users typically rave about its Push Email Technology, but are likely disappointed with the device’s sluggish browser and lacking app store. BlackBerry would do well to upgrade its service, in order to rival the more successful app markets of Android and iOS.

There are some other operating systems, like Nokia’s Symbian that are doing well. Symbian users are likely very impressed with the device’s lack of background restrictions. The operating system allows for incredible multitasking, with a record 100 applications running at once. Symbian users likely envy the incredible app markets that both Google and Apple offer, but this market continues to grow.

The above named operating systems have been heard of by most users, while some operating systems just haven’t had the broad success that their competitors have. These include Samsung’s Bada, Microsoft’s Windows Phones, Hewlett-Packard’s webOS, and Linux offerings like MeeGo and Maemo. In most circumstances, unless you’ve actively used one of these Smart Phones, you won't recognize their operating system.

When it comes to choosing the right phone, the most important feature is the operating system. Of course screen size, touchscreen and other features are important, but none so much as the operating system. This feature is going to determine the phone’s speed, download capabilities and so much more. When shopping for Smart Phones it’s essential to compare operating systems. 

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