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    Jul 11, 2013
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an enterprise-wide business process which focuses on improving customer relations. Businesses opting for technology solutions to implement better and more effective CRM is almost a norm these days. However, businesses looking for technology solutions for improving their customer experiences often find it difficult to choose the right CRM product that suits them the best. Though there are bouquet of very effective CRM solutions in the market, there are also several other lengthy and costly implementations, inflexible software solutions selling well in the market today! This leads to further confusion. Agiline Online CRM helps solve these challenges with powerful and easy-to-use features accessible over the internet. This Online CRM solution is designed to help organizations get up and running quickly, along with much needed flexibility to meet the unique needs of any business.

Agiline Online CRM provides the business professionals, both online and offline access to customer information through a full suite of marketing, sales and service solutions within a user-friendly, easy to use   framework, which ensures rapid user adoption and quick results.

Features of Agiline Online CRM

Relationships – The Most Prized Asset of any Business

Today, CRM software is a must for every organization wanting to compete to win and retain Customers. With Agiline CRM Online, your organization will be able to track each and every relationship – Customers, Vendors, Suppliers and Partners so that you can cultivate the relationship to new levels.

Customer Interaction at its Best!

Agiline CRM Online Professional edition provides an easy means to deploy a CRM initiative quickly without the headaches of purchasing hardware and software, installation, maintenance and upgrades. This flexible solution easily adapts itself to business entity of any size. Designed for businesses that need to be up and running immediately, Agiline provides a full featured CRM solution at a price that is affordable. Now, customer interactions can be taken to new levels, to simply be the best!

Contact & Account Management

This module captures detailed information, both at the company-level (Accounts) and for individuals (Contacts). The module further empowers the business representatives to provide a high level of customer service with a complete record of customer communications, including phone calls, e-mails, and meetings. Review of upcoming activities, sales opportunities, attached documents and customer issues, can all be managed easily from a single screen.

Calendar, Scheduling, Reminders & Relationships

The completely integrated scheduling and task management module facilitates to track internal and external customer activities, including multiple participants and resources, To- Do's and Calendars. Contacts can be related to each other, and the social networks existing in the customer base can easily be tracked. One can leverage relationships that already exist client networks, prospects, vendors, and suppliers.

E-Mail Marketing & Campaign Management

This module comprises email marketing and campaign management templates for Newsletters, Invitations, Events, Promotions, Coupons, Sales, Notices, Brochures and other Business Communications, including automated follow-up.

Reports & Analytics

Agiline Online CRM offers powerful reporting tools necessary to provide a comprehensive view of the customers and customer relations. With prebuilt reports with hundreds of querying and sorting combinations, employees will be able to quickly identify, execute and review performances.

Author's Profile

AgilineCRM is a leading CRM Solutions Provider. The company specializes in every dimension of CRM and offers varied CRM solutions to meet the varied requirements of different enterprises. AgilineCRM has taken on the tradition of CRM solutions from Surado CRM, which has been one of the most popular CRM products. Agiline Online CRM is a specialized CRM segment.

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