Must-Follow Restaurant Etiquettes

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    Jul 15, 2014
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Must-Follow Restaurant Etiquettes Photo by Rajni Gaur

There are whole lot of different things that need to be taken into account, if a person is dining at a restaurant. Read on to know more!
It’s a common observation that many people fail to follow apt table manners, especially when they are with clients.  It leaves a bad impression and makes others feel otherwise. Thus, ascribed are a few things that have to be taken into consideration while dining:
Dress aptly: depending on the aptness of the occasion, you should dress. If you are going to have a lunch or dinner with your friend, casuals will be okay. But if it is a formal lunch or dinner, then you should try and be in a formal suit. If you are not really wearing a formal suit, then trouser teamed up with formal shirt would serve the purpose. Similar goes for a woman, formal suit or saree would be good.
Take a backseat while a client orders: when you are with a client, this is your responsibility to prioritize his needs and likings. Though a simple gesture, this makes a big time difference.
Pre-plan things, if you are a host: if you are sitting with a group of delegates and suddenly the waiter comes-in with a bill in his hand, asking you to pay, this looks really bad. Thus, make sure to settle down these things, which can make a big time difference and set you off.
Phone-fiddling: with a client, phone fiddling activity has to be avoided, as it not only looks bad, but also questions your maturity level. 
Avoiding pretending self as a wine connoisseur: This gesture wherein a person begins cooking up his own stories that he went to a bar of repute and have had splurged so much on wine, did this or that. No one is really keen on knowing how much can you afford. Those who are on a rigid budget can simply act smartly to avoid any mess. Either pre-plan or familiarize waiter about the budget so that things can be managed accordingly.
What if you do not like the drink/food: instead of shouting at the waiter, asking him to call the manager is not the ideal way to handle things. Be polite, just walk up and share your concerns. This way, you will sound sensible and things will also work out well.
Clicking pictures of food: this is something that gives others a reason to laugh at, so should be avoided. Even if you are keen on clicking pictures, it has to be done in a discreet way. Yes, if in any case a client (especially a foreigner) does the same, let them go ahead.
Avoid hoping on others plate: it’s a human tendency to get tempted with whatever’s there on others plate. If you are with your friend or family member, it’s acceptable, but if you are with a client whom you do not know really well, there’s no point in asking him to share food.
Do not be a complain box: it is advised that instead of complaining about your employees or encourage any sort of negative chit chats, finish your meal and try to make best out of it in terms of constructiveness and productiveness not only for you, but on behalf of the whole company as restaurants in mumbai.
Keep these things considered and you’ll feel the difference as an individual!

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