Navigating The Mine-Field Of ROI In Public Relations With Radio Monitoring

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    Jan 05, 2014
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WOMMA and Nuffer, Smith, Tucker PR & Marketing Mixer
WOMMA and Nuffer, Smith, Tucker PR & Marketing Mixer
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Public relations measurement is one of the key metrics when attempting any sort of media monitoring. For public relations professionals, having timely information allows for accurate measuring of Return on Investment (ROI) for media campaigns. This allows them to be able to adjust campaign strategies when media measurements dictate shifts in strategy would be huge.

Time Is of the Essence

However, for many public relations professionals, being able to monitor and measure the progress of campaigns as well as results are a very difficult task. Fortunately, there are services that enable those working in marketing communications and PR to do so quickly, easily, and across the varied spectrums that comprise public relations today: web, social media, traditional print, media contacts, television and radio, etc.

Having the capacity to measure across the varied spectrums that constitute modern public relations is only one part of the overall equation. Analysis also must enter into the mix.

Professional Services Available

Professional services offering to measure and monitor media placements for public relations customers do exist. One of them claims to have been successfully assisting customers since 1908.

Press Clippings

Any service that claims to be able to provide news clippings of successful pitching placements is a great first step. But, what good is that to you if your information is two or more days old when you receive it? Accurate, on-time measurement of media results is indeed important. News media searches are usually customizable to the precise markets and outlets the customer desires.

For many businesses, being able to cover a specified business area radius is sufficient. For other concerns, a more national approach is needed. Both approaches can be done, with varying levels of success. Most press clipping portals are interactive and allow you to search, sort, report, archive, and share the clippings you need within your organization.

TV and Radio Monitoring

Organizations that want to conduct campaigns using radio and television require different metrics than press clipping services. Again, most modern media monitoring services offer an interactive ability to report on broadcast results. Similar to press clippings, various levels of reporting as well as searching are offered.

Some services also provide an ability to include up to date Nielsen Audience figures, Ad Values, and Market Rank. These figures often factor heavily into national and regional media campaigns and measuring the success of such efforts. Such capacities would conceivably enable an organization to tweak its media campaigns in almost real time if necessary.

The Web and the rise of social media to prominence in today’s increasingly digital marketplace mean challenges for public relations, media monitoring, and public relations measurement. Again, many professional media companies servicing business clients provide an ability to handle web and social media tracking. If a client needs to monitor online news sources, corporate web sites, blogs, or social media sites, these metrics usually can be provided.

Of course, being able to keep a finger on the pulse of the web and social media suggests invariably that personnel able to track the ups and downs of websites and social media sites are on the ball. Accurately positioning a business client’s information on the ever-changing social media landscape is part of what any good measurement service should be able to do.

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