The Utopian States of America

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    Dec 12, 2012
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The Utopian States of America

Aldous Huxley the author of Brave New World suggests that a utopian  society is fairly close to America’s future. Thru the use of Huxley’s slogans in Brave New World one can see that American  society and the slogans used every day are fairly similar especially by the ideas and conditioning these slogans try to incorporate in American culture and society, especially to  the youth.  The conditioning and brainwashing of America’s youth through these slogans may lead our nation to world that Aldous Huxley describes in his novel. 

“I love new clothes, I love new clothes” (52), “I simply must get one like it”(51). These slogans in Brave New World are astonishingly similar to the slogans that American society sees and uses every day. “Just do it”, “I'm lovin’ it’ and “One world one dream” all of these slogans are very similar and reflect the society from which they come from. There is a similar message in these slogans that persuade youth to consume products and for the youth to love consuming these products. Although not as forceful as it seems to be in the novel. Just as in Brave New World where people are basically brainwashed to consume, the people of corporate America are getting closer and closer to having the same fate, through slogans such as these that infest the new generation’s minds and eventually A Brave New World will actually become true. 

Everything is psychological in the Brave new world as well as in our nation. When people grow up living a life where advertisements and persuasion is present everyday a conditioning of the youth’s fragile minds is set upon buying and following what advertisements and slogans want one to think. Through this Huxley’s idea of Brave New World arriving seems much closer than anticipated.

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