Mind of a Sex Offender: The Child Molester

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    Sep 03, 2012
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 From rape to child pornography, sex offenders all across the nation have been registered.  The minds of these individuals have been damaged during their childhood and adolescence years.  Many of them are doing life in prison and some are as bad as death row.  These type of people are very dangerous among us do to their aggressive and controlling ways.  One type of these offenders is child molesters. They creep around the children and have their way with them. These sex offenders know their victims, do not choose their victims at random, and manipulate their victims.
Child molesters have been known to personally know their victims and interact on a daily basis with their victim.  They pay more attention to the children and barely spend time with their peers.  Parents may never know if their child is a victim if the child never opens up about the situation.  Child sexual abuse can happen anywhere: the park, in the alleys, and most commonly in the victim’s own home.  Parents are urged to protect their children from molesters and not to trust everyone they come in contact with.  A child molester cannot be spotted with the naked eye and a lot of parents do not know who one is until it happens to their child.  Warning signs are clear and should be acknowledged immediately.
Child molestation can happen anywhere from people’s neighborhoods to the church.  Perpetrators find time to get to know their victim: taking them to the movies, going bowling, inviting them to their place of residence, or even spending time at the victim’s home.  Parents should not be an over protective parent, but should pay close attention to the people their children are around, especially if an adult is paying the child more attention than necessary.  Also they should be aware of the people they bring into the home.  Close friends and family members can be a molester, but the parent may not know.  They will give them easy access if trust is not an issue.
To manipulate a child is easy. Above all, children are easy to bribe when it is coming from someone they trust.  Personally, I was molested as a child and my mother’s boyfriend took nine years to build my trust and to this day still has the mind of looking at me in a way that is inappropriate.  I was placed into foster care due to these acts he performed in my sister and me, but I was never strong enough to tell someone outside my mother.  This particular molester allowed us to get comfortable or sleep to do his wrong doing.  A lot of molesters buy candy and spoil the child to the point that they will always want to be with that person and become extremely close with them.  Manipulation also helps the molester to hide the secret from the victim’s parents.  I was always promised something after every time it happened, but I always turned to my mother, who never believed me.
This type of abuse hurts a child for eternity.  They will never forget what happened to them even if they tried.  It is crazy how a person could be sick in the head and do such things to a child who is innocent to the world.  Most molested children are ruined for life and never recuperate from what has happened to them.  A lot of them blame themselves because they think that since they let it happen it is their fault when in all reality they have nothing to be guilty about.  The United States need to find a better way of protecting the children who reside in this country.  Parents need to check the sex offender registry often so they will be updated on those who have offended.  If we come together to protect our children, they will be able to grow up into healthy adults.

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