Five Best Property Valuers In Perth

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    Jan 14, 2014
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Five Best Property Valuers In Perth Photo by Ryan Justin

Perth is the largest city and the capital of state West Australia. It is also in the list of top four most peopled cities in the Australian continent. It is located by the Swan Coastline Plains, which is a slender strip sandwiched between Indian Ocean and Darling Scrap.

Being a well-developed capital city of an Australian state, Perth supports a fast moving realty market, where hundreds of property sale-purchase deals are carried out, every day. For each property transaction, there are required some important papers or documents, related to the ownership and condition of the property. One such document is property valuation report.

Property Valuation Report

PV report is a piece of document that states the exact market value of a real estate asset, whether land or building. It is an important report that estimates the real monetary value of a property. It should be prepared by a renowned, expert, professional, unbiased property valuer in Perth.

Property Valuers in Perth

To get the most accurate asset estimation statement, it is advisable to the buyers and sellers to hire a reputable property valuer Perth firm or individual. There are a number of PV experts in the city and state, who offer to prepare neutral property valuation report. Some of the firms are established by a few experienced holders of the field, which you can also consult. There are many real estate companies, who too have stepped forward to offer PV report to their customers and clients. Following are some of the most reliable Perth property valuer firms –

Valuations WA-

Valuations WA is a property valuation company that offers its services statewide in West Australia. They have been working since 1980, and have been serving individuals, organizations including: banks, insurance companies, government, etc. With a wealth of experience in preparing property valuation reports, Valuation WA has also gained a great reputation among a herd of other names in the market.

National Property Valuers-

It is an independent property valuer organization in Perth, which has been serving property investors for the last ten years. They claim to offer unbiased, next to accurate property valuation reports to their clients. Apart from offering PV statements, they are also a property consultation firm that suggests and works as a mediator in real estate sale-purchase deals.

Grundmann & Associates

Yet another reputable property valuer Perth company, Grundmann & Associates enjoys the stature of being the most trusted PV experts in the city and state. They have a large team of qualified professionals, who carefully manage and prepare the estimation report for the all sorts of real estate properties and entities.

WBP Property Group –

It is an autonomously owned property valuation and consultation company, which works for residential, commercial, and rural properties, and entities of special status. Apart from preparing PV statements, they also calculate taxes and duties for a property.

Qwest Valuations –

Considered as an innovative property valuer Perth, Qwest Valuations is also a real estate consulting firm, working in Perth, West Australia. Just like other wide spread reputable Perth property valuers, they too prepare PV reports for a number of assessments.

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