What Sets Life Juice Apart

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    Feb 26, 2013
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Healthy Berries are Good Food for Health
Healthy Berries are Good Food for Health
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Life Juice® started as a juice cleanse company that is devoted to sharing the benefits of juice cleansing with the world. EtySalamone,the creator and founder of Life Juice, can tell that Life Juice differs from other juice cleanses. Life Juice was recently been named the Best-Tasting Juice Cleanse by the Huffington Post but beyond the great taste – how Life Juice is unique.

“Well, number one, we don't use any syrups, or concentrates. We're using fresh, cold-pressed juice that is raw. When you go into the shops now, you’ll find juices on the shelf that are pasteurized, which means they're treated with heat. This is an old-fashioned, but effective way to ensure the product doesn’t contain any harmful bacteria. But this process actually kills the nutrients and the minerals in the juice. What some companies will do is to add vitamins back in, after they’re cooked out. But one of the major benefits of juicing is to absorb the vitamins and nutrients as they’ve been naturally released from the ingredients – from the fruits and vegetables so this type of pasteurization wasn’t an option for us. We needed to find another way.

“With Life Juice, we obviously want to provide the safest product possible, while still maintaining the integrity of the fresh juice. First, we use a pure cold-pressed extraction method, which releases more nutrients, and allows them to be more easily absorbed into the body. It's raw, like you would make it in your juicer, but without the hassle of prepping the vegetables, and juicing, washing, and then cleaning your machine out. To ensure a safe product, we use a cutting-edge High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP), which can be conducted at refrigerated temperatures. This process is perfect for heat-sensitive products like fruits and vegetables, because it doesn’t cause the heat degradation that you normally see during heat pasteurization. So you’re getting all the good stuff – the essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants – naturally, in a way that maximizes your body’s ability to absorb and utilize them.”

Reset your system with a Life Juice 3 day Cleanse, or do a test run with a 1-day Juice Cleanse.

When you’re ready to reap these benefits, simply place your order online, and Life Juice is on its way! Delivered right to your door, a Life Juice cleanse is simple and convenient. Each order arrives in a large reusable Life Juice cooler tote, with a small reusable lunch sac included to carry your drinks with you throughout the day.

Based in New York, we deliver Tuesdays through Fridays via FedEx, and require 4 business days to process and deliver your order. Keep in mind that you will want to do a pre-cleanse to prepare your body for the Life Juice cleanse. When selecting a start date/delivery date for your juice cleanse, keep in mind our delivery schedule and processing time.

Ideally, you will want your delivery to arrive one day before your scheduled cleanse start date (which you will indicate in the special instructions portion of your final checkout). We ship our products by overnight delivery with ice pack, and suggest they be refrigerated immediately upon receipt. Since our juices are not pasteurized, they should be consumed within three days of being defrosted – and because they’re so delicious, we know that won’t be hard to do!

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