Flavored French Fries: A Yummy Snack to Relish

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    Dec 12, 2013
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Flavored French Fries: A Yummy Snack to Relish Photo by Chefsfun Food

There can be hardly any person who does not like to have the hot and sizzling French fries. There are favorites of all and even small kids or adults are fond of these. These accompany any main course dish and make it a true delight. When consumed with juices or drinks, these play the role of tasty snacks. Hence, without any doubt we can say that these are the most famous and sought after food around the globe. However, some people don’t like too much oily stuff and can’t eat this amazing snack. For such people we have some tips which they can use while cooking these.

Before you plan to cook a bowl of delicious fries, check which oil you are using. The most recommended one is oil having high smoke points. The expert chefs’ advice to use it because those having high smoke point are gentle for our health as well as do not upset our internal system. The main examples can be safflower, canola, peanut and sunflower oil.

The main ingredient in Flavored French Fries is potato. This vegetable is praised for many health benefits and recommended by the nutritionist all over the globe. However, you must get the good quality vegetable only and while using them for this purpose, make sure that each potato is washed properly and sliced into normal sized pieces. Too large or too small cuts sometimes create unfavorable presentation. If you have a slicer then you must prefer to cut the vegetable by using that only. You will surely get desired shaped slices.

While eating these mouth watering Flavored French Fries, you might have experienced a taste of different flavors. Normally we use just ketchups or some salts but if you want something more delightful then you can sprinkle the Fries seasonings that are available in the market. These seasonings come in different flavors like cheesy gourmet seasonings, flamed grilled barbeque, ketchup gourmet, garlic parmesan, salt& garlic, salt & vinegar, sour crème & onion, wild buffalo and many others. All these flavors add more taste to the fries and let you enjoy the tasty recipe.

Moreover, if you don’t want to use oil, you can bake the stuff. The baked fries are healthy as well as they have different taste that you can enjoy as added snack. These are mostly famous for the people who have certain health issue related to excess oil intake. While cooking these, you have to just change a single step i.e. you have to bake these instead of putting the raw ones in hot oil. The rest of the procedure is same as that of the fried ones.

Therefore, if you are French fries lover, make sure that while initiating the cooking process, bring the necessary seasonings to enhance the taste and flavor. You can access internet and check the online stores which supply these edibles to their customers. Choose your favorite products and place the order at just a single click. You can also enjoy the alluring discounts on each purchase.


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