Pasta,The Undisputed Popular Food In The World

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    Jun 12, 2013
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veggie pasta bento
veggie pasta bento
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                   Pasta The Undisputed Most Popular Food In The World   

                The chronicle of pasta is linked with the annals of wheat farming, which is alleged to have been cultivated for the preceding 10,000 years in ancient Middle East by local peasants. The trendy “history’’ of pasta stipulates that it was taken back from the communist China by the merchant traveler, Marco Polo, a native of Venice in Italy. Historians have refuted this assertion, arguing that the ancient Romans were consuming it way before the delivery of Marco Polo. Pundits have made references to so many sources including," Apicus'', a renowned Roman chef and prominently pay homage to his works. Ancient Greece has also re-surfaced on some historical records stating that the first pasta making machine may have been used by the Etruscans, who also called themselves" Rasena''. Today, we are waiting for these historians to edit and critique these assertions until they taste perfectly seasoned.

            Durum wheat is the core ingredient in making pasta. This is milled to produce semolina, a coarse and purified flour. It’s preference to rice and potatoes by vegetarians are as a result of its 15% protein content. It also contains carbohydrates in form of starch which generates energy to the entire body. Another notable ingredient is egg, which acts as a binding agent to the dough. Salt and olive oil are incorporated and adjusted to the required consistency. Variations can be made to the dough by addition of spinach, tomato or flavorings to give it a unique taste. Homemade pastas are available but for commercial purposes, they are de-hydrated and stored in air tight packages in a cool dry place. However when required for consumption, they are re-hydrated by steeping in hot, salted water and allowed to cook for approximately eight minutes.

            Pasta has four broad classifications, namely: Egg pasta, semolina pasta, whole wheat pasta and dried durum wheat pasta. No list of sauces or ingredients used to accompany or make pasta will suffice. The common sauces are: Tomato often referred to as red sauce, Creamy white sauce, Meat sauce popularly referred to as Bolognese sauce or ragu, originating from Bologna in Italy, pesto sauce, a blend of basil, olive oil, and pine nuts originating from Genoa and pink sauce, which is basically a blend of white and tomato/red sauce.

            Pasta has gained popularity over the subsequent years and has indeed become an undisputed popular food in the world regardless of culture, religion or eating habits. This has brought back decent returns to the proprietors. It is by no means the most economical and accessible to even those from deprived backgrounds.

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