Skype Recorder Innovation a Game Changer

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    Jun 17, 2013
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                Skype is a service that enables clients to interconnect or link with comrades by voice with a microphone, video with a webcam, and instantaneous messaging via the internet. Skype was first inaugurated in August 2003, created by Estonian, Danish and Swedish think tanks, Ahti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu, Jaan Tallin, Janus Friis and Niklas Zenstrom, with its division headquarter in Luxembourg. It has since transformed into a stepping stone enjoying a massive fan base of over 600 million users. It is now an affiliate of Microsoft since the acquisition in 2011 for a whooping 8.5 million dollars.

            The rising technology made significant leaps in the latter years and this led to the discovery of the fascinating Skype Recorder, which is a contemporary tool that functions in harmony with Skype and other VOIP apps to record voice conversations. This gave majority of customers something to smile about due to the crave or obligation to record Skype dialogues. This was inspired by the wish to keep copies of Skype conversations for affluence, commerce or either academic use. Skype Recorder has the following advantages:

  • It is completely free for all calls with no precincts.
  • It can function in both automatic and manual mode.
  • Compressed configuration of saved records(mp3 files)
  • It boasts of capabilities to record conversations both in solitary or twin audio tracks, which means, one channel for response, another for output.
  • Ability to track synchronized calls and store them independently.
  • Simple to amalgamate with Skype conference recording.
  • Spontaneous, easy to use interface.
  • It has a wide scope as it supports all forms of Skype, Google talk, Yahoo Messager and another VOIP application.

However for your system to support these versions, it requires an operating system such as, Ms Window 2000, 7, vista, 2008 and XP. A memory capacity of not less than 64 MB, a disk space of 1 MB.

            How do you record a video from Skype? The most important step is to install a ‘’Skype Recording Tool’’ in your computer. Quite a lot of free versions are available to you, for instance, Pamela Call Recorder, Mp3 Skype Recorder and MX Skype Recorder. By clicking the OK button on the ‘’Call Recording Dialogue’’ window, the call begins to record. The window often appears when you make or receive a call via Skype. Always use the "Pamela Call Recorder"  interface to manipulate the recording throughout the call. The "Call Record Stop'' and the "Call Record start'' buttons is used to stop and resume recording of the present calls. Highlighting the preferred call in the ‘’My Record Calls’’ window and clicking the ‘‘Play button’’ enables you to listen to you recorded calls.

            The discovery of the Skype Recorder has painstakingly taken years of wading and deeper digging, but hard work, determination and pushing off-limits has been the guiding principle for the Skype’s success. This great innovation indeed gives Skype users what they need. Apart from enabling calls to be recorded and stored in the computer, this application enables user’s record Skype calls and saves them direct to a Gmail account with a single mouse click.

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