New Novel Smitten by Sun & Wind

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    Oct 01, 2012
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This is a story about passion - both the misplaced kind and the wisely spent. But you, the reader, be the judge - the story tells it how it is.

The lead character, Makareta (Mak), is angry that her husband of 25 years has become ensnared by the younger Italian woman living in a near-by apartment. As if he hasn't got enough to take his time and energy as CEO of the area Power Company and active membership of the city gym. Mak  loves her home and sculpting hobby and would happily stay put, but demands that Roger declare himself. He reluctantly does so  but chooses to spend the rest of his life with Francesca and Mak is obliged to make a new life for herself and her dog, Scruff. After making a decision alone, she  buys the 'perfect cottage' on the coast feeling excited by the potential the cottage offers her with a space for her kiln and a stove which acts as a generator to fire her sculptures if the power fails.

As almost always, the 'perfect' house bought is not perfect, and Mak is disgusted and challenged by the brown water that pours from the taps and seeks out help from the Engineer in the nearest town of Rapaki. He happily prompts Mak to think outside the square and consider alternative ways of getting clean water and she tackles the challenge, delighting in the irony of the ex-wife of the Power Company Ceo considering such options. 

Roger is also facing challenges as CEO but considers them as positive ways of making his company the most successful electricity company in the countrry, and is so engrossed by his work that he remains oblivious to Fran's duel personality, even tires of her extreme passion, and wishes he had not lost Mak.

Well, enough of the story for now. Does it end happily? Not entirely, but then, life is never without its high points and low is it? I'll admit that for some of the characters it ends happily in romance and passion of the better kind but for the person of Roger? Well, my readers can decide about the path of passion which Roger takes and the role Fran plays in the change of plans forced on him by a sinister turn of events. As I said, the story tells it how it is.

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