Laptops Buyer's Guide

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    Nov 22, 2012
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Laptops buyer's guide

In order to select the right laptop, you'll need to figure out how you will want to use it, which will help you find the one with the right features at the right price. Look through these information to see which matches your individual needs.

*Laptops for Home users More and more often, home PC customers are usually turning to laptops and notebooks as their major machines. Laptops offer an advantage for the home in the fact that they can offer similar performance and features being a desktop PC, yet can be shifted around the house as needed. Almost any laptop will work for typical home use, though there are two types that are especially suited for it: desktop replacements, which are packed with features, and midsize laptops, which are budget-friendly without sacrificing usability.

*Laptops for Students Pupils, and also others on a tight budget, should search for a laptop that delivers the most value for the price. Students need a notebook that, in particular, is light and small enough to carry around on campus but rugged more than enough to withstand the traveling.

*Laptops for Business power users You need a well-balanced system in case you rely on the same laptop at the job, while travelling, and at home. Additionally , it has to be able to deliver the performance to keep up with a wide range of applications

*Laptops for Gamer or Multimedia author For some uses, you will need a true desktop replacement. This gives you the portability of a laptop without having to sacrifice the features that you expect to see on a desktop. Whether you're designing internet sites, editing movies or mowing down monsters, your laptop will need plenty of RAM, an excellent processor, great graphics plus a healthy hard drive.

*Laptops for frequent travelers Size and pounds are the two most critical factors in choosing a new laptop in case you spend a lot of time while travelling - even if it means sacrificing slightly on features and performance. Ultraportables, the smallest and lightest laptops, weigh less than four pounds and they are no heavier than a typical spiral-bound notepad.

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