Cooktops and their use and innovation for the modern Indian home

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    Mar 29, 2014
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Cooktops and their use and innovation for the modern Indian home Photo by Chirag Dutta

Previously known as a kitchen stove, today’s modern cooktop is simply put, a kitchen interface which can use one or several heating elements to cook food. Most cooktops use direct or conventional heat to perform the process of cooking, frying and baking. Cooktops and stoves replaced the old world’s hearths and chimneys about 200 years back, making for tastier and more nutritional cooking.

Today’s cooktops can be electric-based, gas based, modularly designed, halogen based or induction based. Gas cooktops are still some of the most widely used, because the heat is most efficient, direct and can also be most easily controlled. They come in steel, glass, enamel coverings and the range of surfaces is always being innovated. Electric ones use radiant or disk heating elements to provide a customized set of heating levels. They are known for their level of consistent cooking, and also one of the safest cooktops available. They also arrive with a wide variety of flat surface appliances. Modular ones are highly customized, and they can adapt to a variety of sources, whether gas or electricity, or burners, and they can also accommodate a variety of cooking techniques like deep frying, grilling, baking, direct cooking etc. Halogen cooktops have ceramic glasssurfaces, and can be highly digitally enhances because they indicate a glow in response to cooking temperatures. They are also highly easily to maintain and clean. Induction cooktops are the most efficient in terms of energy use, they also are one of the safest cooktops in existence, and they use ranges of magnetic fields in the function of heating. Although relatively more expensive, they are one of the fastest, most reliable varieties of cooktops.

Indian Cooktops have for years been innovated to match international standards in quality and functionality. Indian kitchens distinguish themselves in the kind of cooking that is required, and it’s quite obvious that internationally manufactured cooktops might not be able to suffice to the requirements of Indian cooking. Whether it involves cooking tea, making a quick Maggi or even a huge family fiesta that involves preparing large amounts of food for long intervals, today’s devices have quite easily been upgraded to the multi-faceted requirements of Indian cooking.One should always look for a device based on the size of the family that is going to be using it, the available kitchen space and the dimensions and outlets that the kitchen is going to use.

Elica features Indian cooktops which vary in width between 60 to 77 cm, or some similar sizes which are an internationally acclaimed combination of simplicity and style. They are available in built-in designs that also eliminate the need of kitchen fixing in order to fix them. Available in highly functional stainless steel and glass surfaces, they can use multiple burners to any kitchen cooking capacity. Built of safe and international quality material, they are the optimum combination of great design, beautiful aesthetics, high functionality and the latest in technology.

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Indian cooktops have for years been innovated to match international standards in quality and functionality.

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