4 Things to Watch out for During Interviews

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    Sep 04, 2012
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My eyes must have ballooned upon hearing these magical words, "Money is no object!" when trying to determine how deep is the employer's pocket.

As much as my logical mind could not, and want not to believe the other party - my sub-conscious took over and made me a slave to the thought for next 6 days.

Let's be reasonable and rational - no employer offers unlimited dollars anymore (unless Yahoo hired you from Google to be their CEO). Since you are rank-and-file (you are, right?), please ask the question and expect no more than 20% increment.

When interviewer has not ranked you #1 in their shortlist - how do you know this? Body language, late replies, etc. But they chose to make you an offer anyway. Being desperate, of course you will entertain, you may even join the employer but the niggling voice at the back of your head says, "You know, you aren't really their #1 choice - they'll never be happy with you and they'll always have doubts". Better to reject the #1 salary for the #1 fit.

You have no idea why they are hiring - sure the previous guy left, but do they sound desperate? or are they just trying to please the headcount requirement. Filling a position is just like making sales - where there is no fire, you can't sell extinguishers. If they choose not to reveal too much, either they can't admit what's wrong, or they don't know what's wrong. At this point, you could delude yourself by saying, "Let me join anyway, maybe I'll figure out what's wrong and I'll be the hero". Guess what? if you join without forcing their hand, they won't respect you either.

When you don't get to meet your prospective line manager during the interview. You get to meet HR, who peppers you with all the theoretical questions and salary questions. You get to meet the department head, whom your designated boss reports to; but you don't get to meet your boss! Why is this worrisome? Because the company already knows the line manager will screw up the interview - and they want a headcount in, regardless. So in you go, as cannon fodder for the interview. You might get hired and upon meeting your boss for the first time, you go, "Uh Oh".

So, in short, getting a job is a lot like buying and selling - why sell yourself short? You deserve better. Take your time when evaluating. Recently Warren Buffet was quoted saying that he takes "forever" to evaluate on a 'buy' decision. So should you

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When interviewer says, "Money is no object!" in answer to your question of salary.

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