Job Interviews-Why do people fear it?

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    Sep 03, 2012
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One of the most essential part receiving of getting a job is the interview process. Interviews are designed with the sole purpose of seeing what one has to offer apart from his/her qualifications.

A lot of persons usually end up not getting a job and they have no idea why. Yes, they are qualified but do they know how to conduct themselves at an interview?
Whenever an interviewer ask you a question, please do not hesitate too long before giving an answer. Remember, you only have one chance of giving a good first impression. Also, whatever job you have applied to, do some research about it. At almost every interview you will be asked what do you know about the company. Trust me, saying you do not know just cost you the job.
People, please wear something appropriate at the interview. Dress modern, be punctual and look professional. Ladies, do not dress skimpy and in the case of men, do not dress like a 'gangster'.

Another thing that interviewers hate the most is when the interviewee constantly keeps looking about as if they have lost something. Remember to give eye contact people, remain focus. You can glimpse away for a quick second but bear in mind that you want the interviewer to see that you are serious about getting the job.

If the interviewer, at the end of the interview asks if there is anything that you would like to add or ask please do not say no. The interviewers want to see you show interests in the company. What is the point of employing someone who cares only about the salary that they are going to receive.

People, please do not feel as if you are being interrogated by the police. The interviewers just want to get a chance to know you and get to know what you know about the business. Just remember to embrace it, not fear it

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