Job Portals How the Times Have Changed

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    Feb 23, 2014
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Job Portals How the Times Have Changed Photo by Dilip Krishna

It is the information age! And when we say information, it relates to every kind of data there is. With the introduction of the internet, there have been many changes that have occurred in the functioning of the society. One of the major changes is the number of ways job seekers have found through internet to browse through a number of available opportunities that are present across the world in every field. These websites that provide the information related to the available openings in different categories for the people who are in search of jobs are nothing but Job Portals.
Before the internet, we know that the only source the job seekers had to get to know about the posts and openings in different companies are just through media like Newspapers and sometimes T.V. Even those media had the capability of covering only a limited number of opportunities that are available and people would have to be in constant vigilance or else there was a chance of missing it.
Even the process for applying for a particular job after getting notified about it through either newspapers or T.V was also considered to be tedious. The only way they could send an application including a resume to the concerned company was through post and there was also a scare of the application not getting delivered within the mentioned last date. To tell about it in a nut shell, the process of recruitment before the internet age is not a simple one. But that has all changed now.
During the earlier days of the internet, a company which is registered with a website on the World Wide Web would post its requirement in their site so that people who are interested in working for that organization would just have to access their website anytime. There was no chance of missing it.
Still there was this task of sending their application to the company through post and still there was a chance of missing the deadline if there was a delay in the post. But times have changed and so did this process.
The evolution of internet within a very short amount of time has brought with itself a number of changes and advancements. Different companies and Organizations provided this option for the interested candidates to apply for the post through online. Candidates now just need to apply for the corresponding interested company by just filling in the fields provided in the online application and upload their curriculum vitae. There is no fear of missing the deadline now as long as they submit their application before the last minute. All they have to do now was to wait for the next stage of recruitment process.
That is all fine. But there are a number of people who would not know which company would exploit their talents most through which their career would prosper and they could not search for that without knowing the details of the organization. Even if they search with some generic keywords, they might miss a number of important results. They would not know where to look for!

But technology and internet proved again that there are no boundaries. Websites with a new concept called Job Portals have been introduced making the lives of job seekers so much easier! The basic aim of these job portals is to provide all the information related to every available opportunity to the job seekers who are connected to the network. The search for jobs has never been simpler. The only thing the candidates need to do is search or browse for their interested fields in these job portals after registering with that. The rest of the applying process is as easy as they can get!
One of the well-established Social Professional Network is ConnectSkill which is an exclusive job portal along with providing connectivity for the users to friends and family. Through this job portal, even the employers can make their reputation increased through proper promotion and recruit candidates by having a look at their profiles in the network!

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Technology and internet proved again that there are no boundaries. Websites with a new concept called Job Portals have been introduced making the lives of job seekers so much easier! Read More Articles and information about Vacancies in our Blog

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