Attractive and Stylish Citizen Aqualand Divers Watches

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    Mar 14, 2014
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Attractive and Stylish Citizen Aqualand Divers Watches Photo by Jasson C

Attractive and stylish Citizen Aqualand Divers watches command attention with their refined design; not only that, the watches are an extremely useful tool for diving enthusiasts. Citizen Aqualand Divers watches are a perfect blend of style and technology. These are large and masculine looking watches that are bold yet comfortable to wear.

Citizen aqualand chronograph Watches are aimed at the professional scuba diver, although the stylish design makes it a sports watch suitable for daily wear. However, since features like depth meter are especially useful diving tools, these are truly a diver's watch. In fact, the Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Aqualand Depth Meter BJ2128-05E is one such attractive and stylish Citizen watch that looks great in and out of the water.

Citizen promaster watches watches is water resistant up to 200 meters. The rotating bezel along with luminous dial markers and hands make it easily legible in the dark. The stainless steel case while being quite large at 48mm width sits comfortably on the wrist. Also, the watch band ensures a snug fit even on a dive suit. Other useful features include the basic time and date function, a chronograph, 24 hour indicator and battery charge indicator along with a depth sensor.

The older models of Citizen eco drive radio controlled watch required the batteries to be charged and this could only be done at authorized Citizen Centers, but not any more. The recent models of attractive and stylish Citizen Aqualand Divers watches use the Eco Drive technology which means they do not need a battery change. You simply charge the battery by exposing it to a light source and the watch will continue to function accurately.

On the occasion of their 20th anniversary, the Citizen Aqualand 20th Anniversary JV0030-01E was unveiled. This limited edition timepiece is one of Citizen's coolest offerings in the dive watch series. The brushed gunmetal bezel with a two-tone stainless steel case gives it a nice finish. The dial of this watch is protected with a domed mineral crystal that serves as good protection against the bumps and hits associated with underwater diving.

The Citizen Aqualand 20th Anniversary JV0030-01E is equipped with various useful dive-related features that include a temperature and depth sensor. It also records dive related information for up to 99 dives. In addition, it provides all other features useful for daily wear. This watch uses the Citizen U100 Quartz movement which is accurate up to 15 seconds +/- each month.

Features of the Citizen Aqualand 20th Anniversary JV0030-01E include water resistance up to a depth of 100 meters, depth sensor with current depth display in digital format and surface mode that is useful while planning a dive.

Attractive and stylish Citizen perpetual chronograph watches is a watch collector's delight. They are functional timepieces that also serve as a dive related tool and look good on the wearer's wrist on land as well as the sea.

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