Dry Ice Blasting Why It is the Best Cleaning Method

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    Feb 26, 2014
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Dry Ice Blasting Why It is the Best Cleaning Method Photo by Ice Tech

The industrial world as we know it is changing rapidly, making more and more advances and coming up with new processes every day. This means that the supplemental processes that keep these industries functional, like logistics and maintenance, they too have to be on their toes to keep up with the ever evolving technologies that are available in the market. Especially when it comes to cleaning.

There are many industrial processes that require specifically targeted   cleaning procedures to be used to ensure that machines and workspaces are completely devoid of any contaminants. This becomes especially important in case of processes that use chemicals on a daily basis. Procedures like dry ice blasting make these cleaning requirements very much possible. Industries like sanitation, food processing, fabrications, turbines and generators and even aerospace need these processes to maintain hygiene standards.

There are many reasons that can be associated to the effectiveness of dry ice cleaning. Here is a list of the basic advantages that you will stand to gain from using this method for cleaning.

• Dry ice cleaning is the most time efficient method you can use. It is quick, easy to implement, requires no cool down period or disassembly and can be managed in a fraction of the actual labor cost that you would have had to bear if you were going for the more traditional cleaning methods.

• Traditional cleaning methods generally   create secondary waste that will then have to be removed separately and disposed off in a legal and eco friendly manner. All these hassles are completely eliminated in case of dry ice cleaning as the process itself is such that it does not produce any secondary residue. It even reduces the amount of waste produced by the contaminants by flash-freezing, thereby altering the molecular structure of the waste.

•  If you are dealing with a clean up job that involves electrical connection, I am sure you must be nervous with using water. But with dry ice blasting these dangers are nullified as the process and the material used in it are completely non conductive of electricity.

• There are various cleaning processes available in the market that involve media blasting techniques using abrasive substances like Sand blasting, soda blasting, bead blasting and walnuts shells. These can harm your machines and invade close tolerance areas, such as bearings, slides, rails and guides. Plus they reduce the shelf life of these parts, damaging expensive machinery and corroding surfaces that will prove potentially fatal for your facility’s functioning. This issue is eliminated in dry ice blasting as it is a completely non-abrasive procedure.

• The process makes use of no toxic solvents whatsoever and you can therefore deem it to be one of the most environmentally friendly cleaning procedures that you have available in your hand. The frozen gas pellets are created from recycled carbon dioxide that is readily available in the atmosphere and is replenished into the surroundings when these pellets melt after the clean up job is complete.

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