A Los Angeles Immigration Attorney Can Help You Navigate The Student Visa Process

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    Dec 06, 2012
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Obtaining a student visa to study in the US can be made more simple with the help of an immigration attorney. A student visa is a temporary permit for individuals to enter the United States for the purpose of studying at an approved academic institution. In order to qualify for this type of visa, you need to be accepted into your chosen course of study before you apply. Education opportunities are widely available for foreign nationals in America. If you plan carefully and follow all of the necessary protocols, the experience can be rewarding.

Individuals hoping to study in the United States have to meet several basic requirements. An immigration attorney can help you decide if a student visa is appropriate for you. Getting accepted into the school of your choice is only the first step. Individuals admitted to the US on a student visa are only permitted to work in certain circumstances, so you must show that you have enough money to support yourself for the duration of your stay. You also need to have prepared sufficiently for your studies. For example, you need a high school diploma, or the equivalent, to begin a course of study at a university. Proficiency in the English language is generally considered a necessary preparation, as well. The final requirement is the intent to leave the country once you are no longer a full-time student.

The school you attend must be approved by USCIS, so check with their offices to find out if your school is eligible before you apply. Academic institutions will usually provide you with the paperwork to obtain your visa. However, many schools will not assist you in filling out the forms. If you find any part of the application confusing, you can benefit from consulting an immigration lawyer rather than trying to work through it on your own. If you make mistakes, your application might be rejected. If you lack the proper documentation or are not sure of which papers you need, talk to a legal professional.

The US government does not guarantee a visa to every student who is accepted into an approved school. Therefore, you may have a better chance of success with your visa application if you work through an immigration lawyer. A legal consultant can ensure you are applying for the right type of visa. He or she can also check for errors on all of your forms. Ask your legal advisor about the best time to apply for your visa. Student visa applications can be submitted 120 days prior to the beginning of classes, but sending your paperwork in sooner can potentially help your application get through the administrative processing phase more quickly.

If you have family planning to come with you, they will need to apply for separate visas. Immigration attorneys know which visas your family members will be eligible for.  To avoid confusion, your spouse and children should apply at the same time you do. Be prepared to provide a marriage certificate to prove your relationship with your spouse. You will also need birth certificates for any children. If you are not listed as the parent on their birth certificates, talk to a legal professional about your options.

The United States offers many world-class education opportunities that are also affordable. Thousands of international students come to this country each year to take advantage of these programs. If you are considering joining them, contact an immigration attorney when you are ready to begin the visa application process. A legal advisor will walk you through each step and help you determine the best course of action. When you have finished your education, a professional who practices this area of the law can also help you understand your options for remaining in this country.

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