Bespoke to perfection- A true luxury hotel experience!

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    Feb 20, 2014
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Bespoke to perfection- A true luxury hotel experience! Photo by Palladium Hotel

When visiting Mumbai, many visitors make a resolution to visit this heritage monument – touted as one of the best five star hotels in Mumbai. The “five star hotels, Mumbai” is a coveted address. One wonders why this over-a-century old hotel still continues to lure customers and send them with some unforgettable memories yearning to return for more. Well, one thing that stands out and is raved about is the bespoke treatments offered to every guest. And while many five star hotels in Mumbai continue to tout themselves as the best. But are they truly personal and bespoke and how important is it for a five star to be tailor made.

Here’s what it is. Of course, with the development of a luxury project comes and international chain, a fancy looking property with expansive spaces, well maintained lawns, liveried doormen and beautiful views. But where the dearth lies is in the service. What differentiates a true luxury hotel from a regular five star is the service they offer, tailor made to every guest regardless of who it is. Every guest must feel like the king at home and the staff0- each and every one attentive to the slightest need of the guest. This is a bespoke experience. An experience that a guest takes away, it’s that personal human touch. Luxury properties will come and go, beauty will bedazzle you for an instance but what etches and leaves with you is the smallest effort made by every staff to make your stay that much better and personalized.

For instance, when I stayed for 5 days at the luxury property, and would request for an early breakfast to ensure I’m on time for work, I had to make sure the order is placed at night. Having forgotten one night, I was sure to have missed it and din bother calling up the in room dining to check. What surprised me was that, my breakfast was on its way. And they informed me that they assumed I’d have forgotten to place my order and sent it over, in any case. I checked with them as to why they din call me at night to confirm and I was informed that they had assumed I fell asleep and didn’t think to bother me with this and what if I had intentionally not placed the order? I got a smile and response that they didn’t mind taking it back and not charging me for it. They would prefer this over me going hungry to work!

I definitely would stay here again!

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Palladium Hotel, Mumbai, is a luxurious hotel located in the heart of the city within the residential and corporate hub of Lower Parel. Nestled inside High Street Phoenix, an uber-luxury shopping destination of the city, the premium location provides convenient access to shopping, entertainment, and dining options to India’s commercial and financial capital.

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