The Nitty-Gritty of Hotels in Kolkata

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    Jun 13, 2013
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The Nitty-Gritty of Hotels in Kolkata Photo by Casa Fortuna Hotel

Kolkata is known as the city of Joy to the outsiders. It is such a place which is visited by thousands each year. Many people gather here for various purposes. Some come here on business trips and some to study. Also there are others, who choose Kolkata as their short term residence when they come for a vacation. Kolkata has many things to offer in its platter, from magnificent natural beauty to glorious creation of humanity. And, that has given a scope to the Kolkata hospitality industry to rise to a new level. From budget to the five stars there are several hotels in Kolkata who are ready to welcome the visitors with open arms.

The hotels in Kolkata have all the luxuries that one can ask for. The very common elements of service include things like spacious and well maintained rooms, attached parking lot, well trained room service, efficient housekeeping and off course the varied and delicious restaurants. Kolkata beside the other things are also famous for its varied range of food. One can see that they will get Kolkata’s local delicacy along with the delicacies not only from all over India but from all over the World. And, not only the non vegetarian restaurant but you will also come across many well established vegetarian hotels in Kolkata.

The hotels in Kolkata are located at well situated places. They are located at such places from where the major railway terminals as well as the airport can be easily visited. They also have facilities of providing you with transportation services to reach those places. Other than that the hotels have on call doctor facility and the staffs are also there to help you out on any kind of problems. The hotels are mostly air conditioned but you may also find non air-conditioned hotels in case someone’s budget is moderate. The hotels also provide you with a service of local sightseeing tours. The staffs of the hotels are well trained and thus they can assist you with anything you need right from getting your direction around the city to assistance in any kind of problems.

The restaurants in Kolkata are not only adjoining the hotels but you will also find separate units scattered all over Kolkata. The restaurants have many things to offer. You can get budget hotels for having regular meals and if you want to indulge yourself into a little delicacy then that also can be done. You can find yourself indulging in foods from all over the world as there are different kinds of restaurants there. Also, if you are a vegetarian then there is nothing to worry as the vegetarian hotels in Kolkata are as well known as their counterparts.

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