Ideal Roller Shutters for Your Homes and Commercial Purposes

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    Oct 15, 2013
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Ideal Roller Shutters for Your Homes and Commercial Purposes Photo by Caseyscreens Shutters

Houses need shutters to prevent the heat in summer and cold in winter. Apart from that, shutters are used to safeguard the privacy of a home. They give you the option to adjust the shutters so that the right amount of heat and light comes into your home. They play an important role in setting up the ambiance inside your house. The outside noise is reduced up to 50% when the slats are rolled down.  It means you have total control over the environment inside your house.

Casey Screens and Shutters is a company that sells Roller shutters Melbourne which is effective, modern and affordable.  They use good quality stuff like aluminium box (pelmets) and aluminium axles for all the products. All products are sealed bearing and they are made to suit the Australian weather conditions. These Window Roller Shutters are affordable, effective and modern and they suit your tastes of having a classy and comfortable interiors coupled with the privacy you require from outside, namely intruders, nature and UV rays.  You just have to install them from Roller Shutters Melbourne and your needs are fully taken care of. The quality is excellent and they guarantee style and strength. They have domestic as well as commercial roller shutters which are ideal for each surrounding. The installation is done by expert tradesmen.

Roller Shutters Melbourne provides shutter for offices, shops, warehouses, public buildings, hospitals, clinics, school and homes.  These shutters are strong enough to protect your homes. Its internal locking mechanism locks the shutter properly when its position is down.  The interlocking facilities, aluminium slats and the strength help in resisting penetration.  The shutters are sleek and look good and hence blend well with the décor of your home. The slats are set in deeply within the two side channels of the either side of the window to provide maximum security and resilience.

Installing Roller shutters in your homes means that your place is cool in summer, warm in winter, it saves you on the heating and cooling expenses and it controls the noise and light from outside making the interiors of your home a peaceful haven. It is easy to operate and increases the value of your property in the real estate market. These Australian made shutters come with a 7 year warranty.

Next time you are going to change the shutters, check them out at Casey Screens and Shutters.

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