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    May 08, 2013
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CoverAustralia is the leading online life insurance brokerage firm in Australia. The brokerage firm has recently announced that they are offering their clients with income protection insurance. This announcement has meant good news for local Aussies. The income protection insurance also known as salary continuance insurance means that residents in Australia that are working can receive a replacement income of up to 75% of their salary should they be unable to work due to illness of injury.

CoverAustralia realizes that with insurance things sometimes is not what they seem. Meaning that in some cases it can be difficult to know if the income protection policy that has been purchased is going to be the best policy available for the situation. This is one of the reasons that CoverAustralia has taken extra special care to ensure that they are working with the best insurance companies that offer the most beneficial salary continuance insurance available.

There are a few tips that CoverAustralia offers their clients at no additional charge in order to assist them in making the best purchase decision based on their needs. They recommend checking the waiting period before benefits can be paid since this time frame can vary from as little as 2 weeks to as long as 2 years. The average waiting period is one month.

The benefit period is also an important factor. This period determines how long the insured person will be covered for. In some cases benefits can end as early as 2 years or as late as the age of 70 depending on the type of cover, the type of work, and the type of disability. The Agreed value can also be an important factor because that is the amount that the insured will receive regardless of whether their income decreased in value or not.

The clients of CoverAustralia appreciate the time and effort that the staff at this online life insurance brokerage firm put into creating an environment that offers free resources, support, advice and service to their customers. CoverAustralia is the online life insurance brokerage firm that offers free no obligation advice. It is easy to see why this firm is considered one of the top in the industry. 

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To receive more information or to reach one of CoverAustralia’s highly skilled advisors, dial 1300-366-817. When you call you will be directed with one of CoverAustralia leading insurance advisors. CoverAustralia can also be found by visiting their website directly. The company offers a free live chat feature or email option available at:

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