How important is health insurance in todays world?

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    Mar 19, 2013
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How important is health insurance in todays world? Photo by Deepa  Leenair

Are sure about the risks that surround you ever day in life? It may seem like a pessimistic thing to say, but there are health risks with every step you take. We read about it every day in fact in the newspapers and on the internet. Injuries could happen anywhere, when you are walking down the stairs or even a slip in your bathroom. Such an injury could also cause you to spend millions in treatment in a hospital. If you think about it, hospitalisation costs have shot up tremendously over the past decade. There was a time when the common man could afford medical facilities but in reality though, those times are far behind us. Even a small fracture costs more than tens of thousands of rupees and unless you have a health plan in place, there is no way you can afford medical treatment.

There is nothing more painful than not being able to afford proper medical treatment for your loved one during a medical emergency. You can have all the assets in the world, but liquidating that may not be the easiest of tasks. During a time like this, if you have cash less facility on your card you would not have to pay a rupee during admission in the hospital, you would only have to inform your insurer about your incident and the rest would be taken care of by the insurer. Having health insurance in such a scenario is a huge boost and it could make your emergency so much easier to handle.

With the coming of the digital age, it has become very easy to renew or choose a new health insurance in no time. Almost every insurance company has created online portals where you can purchase insurance and even compare different policies that are available. You can also avail easy payment options and attractive discounts on every renewal or purchase of a new policy. There are offers where free medical checkups are provided to a family member in one of the registered hospitals with the insurer. This guarantees that you always have a check up every year to know the status of your health. Within just a few minutes you can choose a policy and pay the premium amount online, you would also have the policy delivered to your inbox instantly thanks to the advantage of digital signatures.

When there are so many advantages to be availed, it is a must that we all choose the most relevant health plan for our family and follow it religiously. It could be the difference between a safe peaceful life and one with hardships.

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