Laxatives and Other Remedies for Constipation

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    Feb 22, 2013
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A big Bowl of Prunes
A big Bowl of Prunes
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Sitting on the toilet and trying to make your body produce a bowel movement is uncomfortable. You might discover that the causes of the condition relate to your lifestyle. Some of the causes include:

• Stopping yourself from having a bowel movement
• Trying new foods
• Eating too many dairy products
• An increase in junk food
• Eating too many fatty foods
• Using too many laxatives
• Not getting enough exercise
• Taking some medications
• Eating too many fiber-rich foods

Symptoms of Constipation

When you need information on remedies for constipation, you are already in the midst of a new bout of constipation. It is easy to survive through one round of constipation, but the longer you suffer from the condition, the worse you feel about the problem. The more common constipation symptoms occur every time you suffer from the condition. The biggest symptom is that you have only one bowel movement within 72 hours and a total of two bowel movements in one week. The problem might present with you having sharp or mild pains in the lower abdomen. As you continue dealing with the problem, you will notice that the pain becomes worse. Any pain, strain, or cramping that you feel when having a bowel movement is also a sign of constipation.

Laxatives and Other Remedies for Constipation

Most people choose over-the-counter remedies for constipation because those work faster than other methods. These products fall into two types: stool softeners and laxatives. A stool softener is best if you find yourself suffering from thick or hard stool that hurts when you have a bowel movement. The products reduce the texture of the stool and give it more of a liquid texture. Laxatives are remedies for constipation that just make it easier for your body to eliminate feces and stool. Another remedy for constipation is colon cleansing supplements. Colon cleansing supplements are natural and help the stool pass easier. If you’re not sure which product to take its always a good idea to do some research on colon cleanse reviews.

Natural Relief

Get constipation relief from some natural methods. Many fruits and vegetables have a large amount of water and fiber inside, including apples, berries, carrots, celery, oranges, and bananas. You can also use mineral oil and other oils as constipation remedies. Mineral oil acts as a lubricant that lubricates the digestive tract and also softens stool. When you use one of the oils, you simply take a small dose of the oil early in the morning. The natural constipation remedies alleviate constipation as well as the commercially produced and over-the-counter methods do.

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