Gareth Bale not Impressed by Andorras Pitch

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    Sep 10, 2014
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Gareth Bale not Impressed by Andorras Pitch Photo by Vincent Craft

As you know, it was a week of UEFA Euro 2016 qualifications. There were many interesting matches: some – expected, while others – rather surprising. For example, no one doubted Germany would win against Scotland (2-1). On the other hand, England’s fans hoped for the team to win, but no one was sure it would happen. Eventually, the Three Lions, led by the new captain Rooney, beat Switzerland 2-0. However, the Netherlands were a big disappointment as they lost 1-2 to Czech Republic.

And yet, Gareth Bale is the main topic of this writing. During this summer, the young Real Madrid’s star was in the shadow as Wales didn’t qualify for the 2014 World Cup. He could only cheer for his teammates, who scored the goals for their national teams. But as the time comes for European qualifications, Bale makes a good start – he scores 2 winning goals against Andorra.

Still it’s not the main point. The thing was that Gareth Bale was deeply disappointed with the Andorra’s pitch. He described it as, “by far the worst I have ever played on,” and added, “I can't describe how bad, bobbly and hard the pitch was to deal with.”

It was a 3G pitch – the third generation pitch made of artificial plastic grass. Its main advantage is that it’s good for all weather conditions. These pitches were banned some time ago, but now UEFA decided to use them once again. The match between Wales and Andorra was the first one to be played on such pitch. The difficulties were evident as the ball bounced and small black bits of rubber were spraying in the air.

Anyway, it was only Bale to complain that much. Who knows, maybe the one of the most expensive players became too picky?

There are new qualifications waiting for you any time soon, so be ready for a new dose of quality football!

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