Bale Dives to His Disgrace

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    Apr 01, 2013
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Bale Dives to His Disgrace Photo by Ram Kausik

There is a new diver in town and he is at the verge of taking away the questionable title from his predecessor- Cristiano Ronaldo. I am talking about the man that’s been diving to the ground at the drop of a hat; the man with not one but five yellow cards that desperately need to be obliterated; the man who is none other than Tottenham Hotspur’s winger extraordinaire- Gareth Bale.

Bale was at the center point of the ‘diving’ controversy that swept the football world last year. Last season alone the player was clipped and booked three times. Just when one more card threatened to put him out of his misery, he was fortunate enough to get them wiped off before 31st December. In the year 2003, Cristiano Ronaldo signed for Manchester United. But as fate would have it, his fifth card was gifted to him just a few days before the cut-off.

While Bale vehemently denies and resents his reputation as a diver, other’s claim that he aptly deserves what he is getting for taking a dive at the slightest touch or kick. Gareth Bale counteracts with the argument that if there is an established contact, then it cannot be regarded as diving. He adds that he is aware that diving is a foul, but he is helpless to do otherwise as he has to protect himself from possible body injuries. He insists that the referees should take a closer look at what transpired in the videos.  No matter what Bale dishes out in his defense, the authorities and most of the players are of the opinion that the dives could be easily avoided, if Bale didn’t scare that easily. They believe that Bale should stand his ground and not let the slightest body contact from another player send him ducking for cover.

The Spurs manager came to Bale’s defense, recently, after the player was booked during the game in Sunderland. He said that the diving was just one of the consequences of the winger’s stamina, skills and ability. As Gareth Bale profile hits the deck, Real Madrid keeps their fingers crossed, hoping the diving controversy is prominent enough for the player to make a jump to their club. Madrid is planning to cash in on Bales’ frustration at the Premier League club and the referees to draw up a contract for the winger by the time the transfer window closes, even with the  £60million price-tag looming over his head.

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