Guard techniques for Jiu Jitsu fighters

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    Mar 15, 2014
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Guard techniques for Jiu Jitsu fighters Photo by Renzogracie Academy

One of the most important aspects of Jiu Jitsu is the guard position.  If you are not an expert with the guard position, you cannot call yourself a skilled Jiu Jitsu fighter.  So if you want to fight the way Keanu Reeves did in Matrix (remember his expression of surprise, “I know Jiu Jitsu?”) you not only need to know how to attack, you must also learn how to defend yourself well.  Here are some of the tips used by the professional and skilled fighters which should help you immensely.  If you really understand them well, you will be able to improve your defense techniques and you will then be a better fighter.

Use the hip power

Your upper body and your grips play a vital role playing the bottom game; however, your lower body is more important for guarding techniques.  Jiu Jitsu Brooklyn fighters focus on these techniques well.  While submitting and sweeping the power generation happens exclusively through the legs and the hips.  To understand this better get a partner who is also training with you.  Make him sit in way so that his hands are in a crossed position but behind his neck.  You also sit in the same position as your partner.  Next step is to flip your partner using the simplest scissor sweep technique.  If you are not able smoothly take over your partner it means that the hip power has not been applied efficiently.

Get the correct angles

Like every other martial arts fighting, right angles are required for the leverage application in Jiu Jitsu too.  In fact this becomes even more apparent while you are in the guard position.  There are many ways for you to use the angles.  For instance, it could be your hip angle with respect to the floor or it could also be how you and your opponent’s hips are angled against each other.  Your torso angle is also something that counts.  Most of the fighters try to achieve the angle of 90 degree.  However, a more skilled fighter will be able to work even with an angle of 45 degree. 

Posture is important too

If you are up against a good opponent, you will notice that he will always manage a decent posture before he passes the guard.  The reason is simple.  He knows very well that if he initiates a guard pass without a good posture he will get easily submitted or swept.  Therefore, the tip for you is to not allow your opponent to get into the posture and in this way you will be a step ahead.  This will also mean that you will get the opportunity to attack proactively.

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