How To Avoid Deportation On Your Tourist Visa?

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    Sep 11, 2014
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How To Avoid Deportation On Your Tourist Visa? Photo by Isha Yama

Many people travel to different countries for the purpose of touring and experiencing the wonderful culture or customs in the country. However, these trips have certain rules and regulations which are stringent for each country, especially if you are travelling with a Dubai tourist visa. In this article, we give you details of how to avoid deportation on your tourist travel document in Dubai.

Medical reasons
The authorities in Dubai are very strict when it comes to the protection of the health of its citizens and expats. They have taken stringent rules to prevent any communicable diseases from spreading within the country, through the various long term visa processes. However, this process is not extended to the short term travel documents, i.e.  The Dubai tourist visa, therefore there is a high chance that the tourist might be carrying an undetected disease to the country and unconsciously spread it to others. If the individual is detected with any of the diseases of anthrax, cholera, avian influenza, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis A or E or Tuberculosis, he will be immediately deported. Depending on the extent of the disease, he may be offered treatment before he is deported.

Visa type and deadline
Normally a Dubai Tourist Visa is valid for 30 days and not a day more. You can plan your trip around this amount of days and should ensure that when the deadline passes, you should be out of the country by then.  If you are caught by the authorities with an expired visa, you will be asked to pay a hefty fine before you are deported. Additionally you can also be jailed for a long period of time depending on the extent of your stay. If you also violate the rules of your visa type, there is a chance you will be fined and deported. Therefore, with a tourist visa, you cannot indulge in any business or employment or risk getting caught and deported.

Authorities in this city have a zero tolerance for drugs and other narcotics. If you are caught importing or selling drugs or narcotics within the city, you will be fined, jailed or deported with drastic consequences. Depending on the amount of drugs or narcotics you are caught with, you can spend anywhere between 4 years to life imprisonment in jail.

Relationship status
Due to its strict moral ethics, couples cannot indulge in any public display of affection and unmarried couples cannot share the same room. If you are caught by the authorities, there is a chance that you will be jailed for a long term before being deported. Sexual relationships between unmarried couples are considered illegal and it will be a cause for deportation. Also, included in this is conceiving of a child out of wedlock. Even if the respective partners do get married, registering of the birth will be recorded along with the details of the parents and their relationship status, which might cause trouble if the details are unclear.

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Isha Yama is an employee of Cox and Kings Global Services. She guides her readers about how to apply for Dubai tourist visa successfully. She also explains specific details about Dubai tourist visa for Indians including the things that are required to avoid deportation.

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