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    Jan 21, 2013
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If you have been worried about your family’s financial future after that inevitably impending divorce from your spouse, the first thing you have to do would be to find a competent family law attorney or mediator, who has enough experience in handling divorce cases, and custody and support issues. Divorces are messy affairs in any circumstances, and most likely than not, you are in no emotional condition to figure out the complexities of the short and long term legal and financial implications that the situation will bring about. Your divorce lawyer and mediator need to be people who understand these circumstances, and should be empathetic enough to handle all the legalities with genuine consideration for your present emotional conditions and still be able to make you aware of your rights and liabilities at present and for the future.

All issues concerning a divorce, the final annulment and its terms, property settlements, alimony and parental responsibilities such as visitation rights and child support should be discussed clearly with the parties and presented in the court with proper records and supporting proofs.

The involvement of mediators in divorce transactions is more popular in recent times, considering the less aggressive way that mediators adopt for the course of action. It is more private and speedier, and less expensive than regular court divorces. Most importantly, it is less strenuous on the children due to the milder approach of the mediator. Divorces are generally not granted until all issues relating to child custody and support are effectively dealt with.

As part of child sustenance and alimony charges, the QDRO is also used in obtaining fair and impartial financial division support.  A QDRO or Qualified domestic relations order can assure you your fair share in the retirement benefits of your spouse when the time arrives. These issues are to be brought to the notice of the court during the divorce procedure and the necessary financial proofs and records can be acquired by an attorney or mediator who is well versed in financial legalities. For information on competent and well qualified QDRO attorney ft. Lauderdale, you can consult your local professional directories or legal websites for the Lauderdale, Florida area.

Unlike an uncontested divorce where both parties are in agreement to all aspects of separation including child custody and division of financial assets and liabilities, a contested divorce can be too complicated and aggressive and can prove to be an emotional and financial drain for the spouses and their children. The better experienced and qualified the mediation professional, the lesser strain for the contesting parties.  The added advantage of your arbitrator being a CPA or qualified financial professional can smoothly take care of the settlement issues and save you much time, money and heartache. It is important that you take into consideration these concerns, while contemplating the best person or firm to represent you, or mediate on your behalf.


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