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    Jan 24, 2013
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Case Beacon is a collaborative Cloud-based computerized system for legal firms.  Various features and functions have been developed in the system to improve profitability and productivity for attorneys and legal companies.  Legal firms use Case Beacon to keep track of documents, legal events, court proceedings, scheduled events, and correspondence with clients and opposing counsel.  Case Beacon is a system that is easy for attorneys to use and improves the firms’ ability to keep track of legal matters. 

Case Beacon helps organize legal documents and information related to court proceedings, client-attorney privileged information, and data related to legal matters.  Legal firms use Case Beacon to organize the schedules of attorneys, to view a timeline of upcoming events and dates, to improve billing and increase revenue, to communicate with their clients and to manage legal activities within their firm. 

Cases or legal matters are assigned to Law Firm Staff and Clients, and all activity is tracked within Case Beacon.  This single source of information improves visibility of legal firm operations.  For large firms with many attorneys this feature alone makes Case Beacon a significant asset.  Simple and integrated time tracking and billing improves the accuracy of legal billing activities and increases revenue for the firm.  Case Beacon gives the firm owner or lead attorney a transparent view of cases, legal matters, time tracking, and invoicing. 

Case Beacon uses bank-grade security to maintain confidentiality of legal documents and client information.  Attorneys determine the confidentiality of a given type of information and Case Beacon protects the data with three levels of security.  Case Beacon uses SSL, encryption, and an additional secure Encryption Password to protect client-attorney conversations through multi-layered encryption.  The Encryption Passwords are never stored in the system.  Users remain in complete control of their Encryption Password information. 

Case Beacon has built in templates to help organize and prepare for a case or court appearance.  Case Beacon is designed to be easy to use.  Lawyers and legal personnel find it quick and easy to learn how to operate Case Beacon software.  The system can be accessed from anywhere with a PC, iPad, Android tablet, Windows 8 devices on Chrome or Firefox.  There is no software to install or operate at the legal firm offices.  Access to individual events recorded in Case Beacon can be provided to others including opposing counsel.  All confidential data is protected.

Case Beacon maintains a complete historical record of all data changes and documents.  This added feature increases protection against legal malpractice claims because the legal firm can quickly summarize all information and data changes.  This eliminates the need for paper files and reduces costly e-discovery efforts.

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