What Makes Studio Apartments The Perfect Place To Live In?

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    Jan 11, 2014
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What Makes Studio Apartments The Perfect Place To Live In? Photo by Umov  Mehta

Not every one is fortunate enough to be born with the perfect balance of money, housing, food and clothing. However, all of us have the same desire to achieve success and expand our horizons, beyond regular boundaries. With this single aim in mind, we leave our place of birth and move to metropolitan cities, using our skills and talents to make it big and fulfill our dreams. On several occasions, we get lost in the new city, and have to quickly get to terms with the fast-paced life and ever-changing demands of the new life there. We strive hard to search for a new job and new house. With the limited resources at hand, and lack of proper housing facilities, we settle for a simple one-room kitchen apartment somewhere close to our workplace, and thus, commence our new life of routines and responsibilities. This is what makes the concept of a studio apartment so special. Being a one-of-its-kind apartment which combines the living room, bedroom and kitchen into a single well-built area, studio apartments have become the most convenient place to live, in any city.

The layout of a studio apartment is very simple, yet unique in every way. Known in the United Kingdom as a studio flat, bachelor apartment or an efficiency apartment, it offers the perfect space for those looking to live alone, or in a small family. In most cases, efficiency or bachelor flats are smaller in size when compared to a studio flat. The concept was introduced to meet the demands of those with minimalistic housing needs, and those looking to start from smaller houses and shift to larger homes, eventually. However, the advent of new residential projects in Mumbai and other top metropolitan cities in India, has resulted in a visible increase in demand for more and more 'One-room kitchen apartments' (which is the alternate term for a studio apartment in India).

A Studio apartment is generally made of a single room, with one hall-cum-bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom attached. Such apartments are considerably small in size, ranging anywhere from 200 to 450 sq. ft. The total space available is about 15-40 metres. The kitchen can either be located in the hall, or in an adjoining room, with a separate bathroom. Thanks to its compact design and superior accessibility, many well-known builders and contractors are now resorting to development of larger one-room kitchen projects, instead of focusing on introduction of upmarket commercial property in Mumbai and other developed cities in India. This has resulted in the availability of larger, cost-effective studio flats in Thane and other Mumbai suburbs, and in the NCR area around Delhi.

As per a recent study conducted by a well-known international real estate advisor, most spacious, high-end apartments are attracting lesser prospective buyers, which has influenced real estate developers to launch smaller flats in suburbs and other developing areas. Even though most 1-BHK flats are selling well within city limits, builders and developers prefer building smaller flats as they bring better returns on investment. There is a steady growth in demand for new residential projects in Mumbai and the NCR area, which are the largest realty markets in the country, mostly for one-room kitchen flats. These statistics have influenced many big names that usually operated in the luxury housing sector, to invest in mid-income housing, which has also helped them generate faster cash flow at a time when the economy is moving slowly. With so much activity in the mid-income housing sector, the increased availability of one-room kitchen flats and a higher level of comfort and accessibility, it is the perfect time to purchase and stay in a studio apartment.

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