Style Tips for Women Attending a Party

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    Sep 02, 2014
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Style Tips for Women Attending a Party Photo by Colin Armstrong

You have an invitation to that next party and you are already agonising over what you should wear and what style you want to rock. There are literally thousands of party dresses you can pick up from various outlets. If you are completely at a loss as to what is going to work at your next party, read some of our key style tips.

Start with the Colour
Always start with the colour. It is the foundation of your outfit. At the moment, bright colours that pop are a big trend. This does not mean you should be looking at shiny latex-based outfits. A simple emerald green or a bright red is enough to make you the centre of attention for all the right reasons.

If you want to take it one-step further, you can. Look for dresses online that use less predictable colours. Magenta is a popular alternative colour at the moment. You can practically guarantee nobody else will have incorporated this colour into their outfit.

Animal Prints
Animal prints are another trendy look. They have to be done correctly, though. Slipping into a zebra onesie is not going to get you anything other than lots of funny looks. Incorporating a printed blouse with a large necklace is one option open to you.

You do not have to make them the centre of your outfit. A fun addition to your party outfit is a pair of leopard print flats or pumps. Play around with them and get something that fits in with your party dress.

Overly Embellished
One area you should avoid is anything that looks overly embellished. The 'trying too hard' look is not popular at the moment. This is because of the economy. You will always notice this in fashion. Dresses and other fashion items become less extravagant as the economy falls back. When the economy gets better, things become more embellished and wild again.

In general, you should look to avoid anything in velvet and taffeta.

A Maxi Dress with a Twist
A dress with a maxi length is a great way to really stand out this season. Whilst they drop all the way to the floor, you can avoid looking too formal by pairing it with some sort of blazer or jacket. Remember, you are not attending a prom and you are not a bridesmaid at a wedding. You are attending an exciting get-together with friends.

If you do decide to wear a maxi dress, you have to be careful with your shoes. A pair of high heels could easily be swallowed up in all the fabric. Stick with flats for a dress like this.

Remember the Setting
Finally, always remember the setting. Think about how formal/informal everyone else is likely to be. You do not want to get this wrong or you are going to stick out like a sore thumb. Even the most stylish evening gown is not going to come off well if you wear it at a casual shindig in the back of someone's garden.

If you are unsure about how others are going to be dressing, do not be afraid to just ask.

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