Things to do and experience in Kovalam

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    Mar 26, 2014
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Things to do and experience in Kovalam Photo by Preeti Mishra

Rest assured that when you go to Kovalam, you won't find a moment to grab a break and relax however tired your body feels. Your mind will race, and so will your heart to make the most of your visit to a place as beautiful, picturesque and enchanting as Kovalam. The sheer splendor of the beaches, the backwaters, awe-inspiring greenery and scores of charming tourist attractions of Kovalam including historical sites will keep you occupied all through.

Overlooking the stately Arabian Sea, Kovalam is a well-connected town with numerous hotels to stay at. It's easily accessible from most places in Kerala, including Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city. You can book a taxi and first halt at what Kovalam is most famous for- the pristine, serene beaches rolling into infinity.

The Lighthouse Beach, also known as Kovalam Beach or Leela Beach, is the most famous beach in Kovalam notable for a majestic lighthouse standing tall on a quaint hillock nearby. The Lighthouse Beach boasts of the largest coastline and is followed by the Hawah Beach, which is also very popular among tourists who love to go sunbathing. Another famous beach to visit is the Samudra Beach, which, in contrast, offers a quiet and comforting sight of fishermen blissfully carrying out fishing. Make sure to catch the sunrise or the sunset at any of these beaches, if not both. The golden spectacle of the sun, the sand and the sea will certainly stir within you some unknown and new delights!

As for the adventurous ones visiting Kovalam, they can go surfing in the seas by hiring surf boards and body boards that are easily available at reasonable prices. Lifeguards keeping a vigilant eye round the clock on the beaches assure you that you are safe while you indulge yourself in the sea. You can also experience the thrill of riding a traditional catamaran at the Lighthouse Beach by hopping into these boats of the old world charm. Modern motor boat rides in the waters of the beaches in Kovalam are also available if that is what catches your fancy.

If visiting historical places is your idea of pleasure, don't miss the museums Kovalam is famous for apart from its beaches. Well-known museums in Kovalam include the Napier Museum and the Kuthiramalika Palace Museum, which give an inspiring glimpse into the historical significance of the town. This apart, don't miss the popular Science and Technology Museum in Kovalam, which also figures as one of the most prominent places in Kerala.

Anchuthengu Fort and the Kaudiar Palace are other historical attractions that you mustn’t miss while in Kovalam. Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave is another popular destination which is ancient temple with beautiful religious depictions and carvings on it.

An expedition to a marvelous place like Kovalam cannot be complete without relishing its local cuisine. Eat at any of the restaurants and eateries dotting the beaches and other tourist attractions where you can tuck into a sumptuous meal of fish, sea food and other delicacies. You can also collect beautiful souvenirs for loved ones back home by purchasing them from local stores in Kovalam as that's something no one would like to miss for anything!

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