Revolutionary Automated Industrial Paint System Saves Available Space

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    Nov 02, 2012
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Industrial processes include a method known as paint finishing. This step occurs in the final stages of manufacturing a part for a product. The part is painted, usually through automated spray painting. To finish the paint, a process known as powder coating may be used.

A powder coat system sprays charged paint particles onto the surface of the part. The paint particles are charged by electrostatic means. After the part is coated with the powered paint, it goes into an oven. The oven heats the part so the powdered paint and the liquid paint fuse to form a solid lining.

The powder coat system is usually automated to provide a machine-perfect finish to the part in question. While most automated paint systems are programmable, some carry distinct disadvantages. These downsides of these automated paint systems include bulky components, standard-issue parts that are not customizable and lack of reverse-able tracks.

Fortunately, IntelliFinishing can provide customizable parts to fit virtually any finishing operation. Our finishing system is modular and can be assembled at any location the customer desires. Other systems need to be built from the ground up and cannot be moved once they are installed. The customer has more freedom of movement in placing their finishing system on their property.

IntelliFinishing uses a unique conveyor-based system. The conveyor moves the parts through the paint booths, washers and cure ovens in one continuous loop. This decreases installation time by roughly half with a 30 percent smaller footprint compared to older systems. Our system introduces scalability into your business model, something that no other industrial powder coating finishing system can offer.

You can scale the IntelliFinishing system up or down as necessary to suit your changing productive capacity and demand outlook. This allows your business much more flexibility to respond to changing market conditions. It also lets you plan for the future more effectively and integrate new products into your production line much faster.

The IntelliFinishing system is also computerized and completely automated. You can change production processes simply by programming new commands into the computer console. Different parts can also be finished at separate speeds. With our industrial powder coating system, multiple processes can be run at variable speeds. Our system can even run in reverse, which gives you the ability to backtrack if a stage was completed improperly.

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