Electric Cars Are Here To Stay

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    Oct 24, 2012
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Electric Cars Are Here To Stay

Going green is the new phenomenon and it is being introduced into our life slowly. From greener measures like recycling within a home to the plans to reduce CO2 level, green ideas are being given a massive push across the globe. One of the things that has seen a huge rise in sales is the ‘electric car’ ,thanks to the ‘green phenomenon.’ Electric cars have become less of a novelty but more of a thing we are getting used to

The main question to ask here is that do they really help us save money as well as the environment.  The first thing that goes against the electric car, or more likely a hybrid car, is that you pay more money than you would pay for a regular petrol or diesel car. Then there is the depreciation which is higher than that of a regular car which means you lose more money when you want to sell it.

The technology being used in these cars is new; hence the cost attached is high. We have to think long term such as cost of replacement engines and batteries and how this affects the insurance premium. The more widespread they become the cheaper the insurance is, and other costs related to it will go down as well. Therefore one of the ways you can save money in the long run is to hold on to your hybrid/electric vehicle.

One of the great selling points is that hybrid or electric vehicles are very fuel efficient. It will not only give more miles per gallon but will also be lighter on your pocket. There are benefits in owning a hybrid or electric car as some governments give subsidies on these vehicles. For example, in London the cost of driving is very high but if you have a green vehicle you are exempted from congestion charges which make driving in London considerably cheaper.

Electrical/Hybrid cars excel on short journeys. The fuel costs are low and the battery lasts longer. The main drawback of electric cars in the UK is that the charging points are not easy to find, thus making it difficult to travel long distances. As of now there are two sides to the coin regarding which one is better, regular or electric car. Having said that, if the infrastructure for charging is improved and electric cars become cheaper, then it may be an unwise decision to go for a regular car.

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