When Do You Need Transmission Repair/Replacement

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    Jul 26, 2013
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Mill Automative WL56LRK
Mill Automative WL56LRK
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Gone are those days when diagnosing transmission issues were time consuming, potentially expensive and rather inexact science. Nowadays, you can check it without spending your valuable time. Thinking how? Keep reading.

Let’s start with an example, if your stomach begins to hurt without warning, what will you do? You’ll probably think of the last item you ate in order to figure out why you’re having the pain. The similar type of thinking works in diagnosing transmission trouble. The moment you start noticing the below changes, start considering the problem and find a way to fix it or rush to a warehouse where you find transmission for sale.

i. Transmissions go into the gear every time, when it refuses to go; it’s a sign that something is wrong with your transmission. Once you notice this, check out the speed of your car. With transmission problem, your car won’t move as quickly as the engine.

ii. Excessive clunking noise when you shift gears. A clunking noise may not always point to a transmission problem, it’s better if you seek the help of gearbox repair service once you hear the noise.

iii. Engine light are a great indicator that something is wrong with the transmission. There are sensors throughout the engine that indicates irregularities in the engine and notify the system that there’s something wrong. With transmission problem, these sensors pick up vibrations.

iv. Leakage in transmission fluid is probably the easiest way to identify that your transmission needs attention. While checking for leakage, make sure of the color and smell. If you find dark color and burnt odor seek the help of mechanic as soon as possible.

v. If you find difficulties in changing the gears on the downside, then the car transmission is slipping and needs immediate attention.

vi. Delay in acceleration is another sign of a troubled car transmission system. It is often a consequence of transmission slipping.

vii. Overheating also causes trouble in transmission. Overheating problem can be fixed by fluid flush.

viii. If you find any grinding sound or feeling when you shift into a new gear, have transmission check. Also if you notice anything other than a smooth transition between gears, then you might need transmission repair or replacement.

All the above problems seem simple but can break your bank if you ignore them. When it comes to getting the most out of a transmission and avoiding unnecessary costs, regular transmission maintenance is a must. Regular maintenance keep transmission cool and well lubricated, which are the vital keys to long transmission life.

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