New Crowd Funding Site Acquired By The Independent Stock Market

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    Jun 18, 2013
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The Independent Stock Market (ISM) has officially purchased the new crowd funding website, Capital Nudge. Since ISM was created to help business owners obtain capital through liquidity, this acquisition seems to be a match made in heaven. Capital Nudge allows ISM to help the little guys who either have a great, innovative idea or who are already in the start-up phase and need a little extra nudge to get to the next level.

Crowdfunding has become more and more popular as people around the world unite in helping others achieve their dreams. When used in a business setting, crowdfunding promotes new, imaginative and innovative ideas as well as creating jobs and industry. It is further proof that people working together can accomplish more to grow the economy than government alone.

Capital Nudge has launched their new website and is open to help people with great ideas get the capital nudge they need. Capital Nudge is looking for entrepreneurs who will bring in business-related campaigns to the website that in some way promote commerce, growth, job creation or industry. It is not a site for people raising money to pay for surgery for their cat or other valuable but non-business projects.

What makes Capital Nudge different, besides being exclusive to business ventures, is that they are now a part of the ISM network. This means that once a campaign is successfully funded, the business owner can be introduced to a network of accredited investors to really get the ball rolling. Even further, ISM can provide liquidity for the owner and the investors when the time is right. This means that ISM can help entrepreneurs with great business ideas go from start-up all the way through to liquidity or other profitable exit strategies. No other crowdfunding site can do this.

One of the reasons ISM acquired Capital Nudge is for its capability to use multiple social media outlets to promote campaigns and increase visibility. Capital Nudge utilizes a system that not only rewards the people contributing to campaigns, but also those who have no money to donate, but want to support great projects. Simply by driving traffic to the site by inviting friends and family to participate who do have money, individuals can earn fantastic rewards ranging from t-shirts all the way up to tropical vacations.

ISM and Capital Nudge together equals a win-win for America and Americans!

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